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pass well pipeline the pressure don't combine for pressing of zero:00 The province closes Dou pipeline pressure not is zero:00, express that didn't invade the fixing of Luo the well liquid liquid pillar produces of make an effort shortage In order to prevent the geologic strata fluid get into well Chien.So, have to raise to fix to combine liquid density.However, under the sistuation that the well has been already closed probably need not rebuild wellLiquid, but the adoption passes to reduce expenses Yan positive Indeed and circularly fix combine the method of liquid to get rid of the oil that early takes place in the form space in the wreath to annoy incursion. The pass has 4 kinds of possibilities in handling procedure after combining: (1)Immediately start a side aggravating to fix a well liquid the side circularly press well, can at most the in a short time stop Wen Liu and make Reduce expenses the pressure least that valve and mouth of a well equip acceptance with is pressed time the shortest, consequently is the most safe.But at This is the most complicated in this a few treatments and need to carry on many calculations or make chart. (2)Continue to close well, aggravate first, then circularly press well, in view of the fact finished in a circulating week of, need Is shorter, the mouth of a well pressure is smaller, also more safe, the past abroad adopts this kind of more.

But its pass well time is long, To circulation disadvantageous*consequently the quality of the method's effect be decided by whether can quickly aggravate to fix a well liquid.This method is also Being called "the engineering imitates to press well" is a kind of in common use method. (3)First and circularly eject to be subjected to dirty fix well of liquid, close well, aggravate to fix well Yi, then circularly press well.This kind of square The method is opposite to say that is safe, also a little bit easily control in the technique.The existent problem is time that the demand grows most (Opposite other 3 kindseses handle but talk)and the biggest degree ground make use of well N to defend to spray an equipments, and at wait for adding to rebuild Well liquid whether pass well is feat.This method also is called "two control methods press well", and then calls "the department drills a method to press combine", It is also a kind of in common use method. (4)First and circularly eject to be subjected to dirty fix well of Yi, then the side aggravates a side to circularly press well. Complicated.and time of demand long.

Four, press the technique in the well homework to play to beg and notice of item (1)Want to close well to measure to press before oil extraction well presses well. (2)Well field want to fully have ratio well capacity Chien to is big 1.500% of container, sweep gastight, put to put position adequacy. (3)The new well presses a well liquid density should with over drill consistent, the old well shoots to open a new layer also such. (4)The artesian well liquid function has to analyze and match a design to request a square RJ usage. (5)Construction well should before pressing well oil extraction tree all of the screw wind up up together. (6)Pressing the well liquid import pipeline has to try to press qualified, export a pipeline and connect a hard pipeline, and want to fix Firm. (7)Can use the glib-tongued(or pack another gateway) appropriate control export while pressing well, attain since gastight and not drive oil, The spirit invades.Open should check to absorb water a tube before the pump, absorbing water the tube can not inhale, in order to prevent the artesian well liquid spirit invades.Circularly go to inside the well Return the pressing of well liquid density and import of consistent stop a pump. (8)If stop a pump behind have outside overflow or spray power, should in addition to the circulation or the pass well observes after the spirit and make the oil spirit inside the well divided Leave, then open well to put spirit. (9)At crowded note to press well to note an equipments to carry on a check to the pump before the liquid, ensure to press and start construction don't stop a pump in the process.(10)Squeeze well have to close before squeezingWell definitely ask, press the well Yi infusion oil layer the coping is above 50 ms Push to finish noting an observation, after having already suppressed well, the square can carry on step construction homework. (11)Press a well construction process in, should admit various data, work well a record. (12)If again press well, have to will last time squeeze of press well Yi to line up clean, the square can carry on again pressing well. (13)Want to prepare to defend to spray a gateway on the scene and use to deal with contact the etc. robbed to pack a well door while spraying by having well and again pressed well c , Annoy well and high pressure, Gao Qi You to press a well craft than the well The common characteristics that annoys well and high pressure, Gao Qi You to compare well is a mouth of a well pressure Gao, magnanimous, with normal regulations illegitimate profit well The main differentiation that greatly fixs presses a well homework, the initial safe target is to defend to spray, and fire prevention, flameproof, therefore press well The homework is obviously particularly importance in this well.

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