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Just and circularly pressing well should have two following conditions:One is an ability safety to press well;Two is at not exceed set tube with Mouth of a well equipments Xu Yong can circulate a liquid to flow under the pressure condition. 3.crowded note a method To oil, set since don't connect, and then have no the well of circulating the passage can not circulate to press well as well as adopt to infuse to note to press well Of under the circumstance adoption crowded note a method.For example the sand blocks up, the wax block up, the hydrogen sulfide content of well tube fluid is higher than a work to permit a limit Or can not carry on circulating well etc. because of the structure in well and trouble.That method is mouth of a well stay have already pressed well wave of enter , The rest takes care of a road gateway all close, using the pump will press a well liquid to crush into combine inside, the oil in the well tube, spirit, water push back Geologic strata, crowded over pass well a period of time after, open and observe to press well effect.Have after needing tube pillar when it's necessary an activity circularly Conditional of, can wash well, be advantageous to an exaltation to press to combine effect like this. Its weakness is:Possibility booty(sand, mire>etc. crush into to produce a layer and result in teaching of Confucius' blocking;Need to press crack to solve In addition to blocking, the instauration oil well produces, remarkable is an adoption crowded note a method, in the process of pressing well in, it most high pressure The dint can not exceed the sum that the well controls device to settle a pressure, set to take care of to press strength and geologic strata to break pressure to be worth threes inside the actual anti- Medium of minimum.

Two, the technique request and give an idea item 1.the safe technique request (1)At satisfy well the bottom request a condition under, the ground pipeline should as far as possible simplify and set up to want reasonable tightly packed, Reduce water power loss, be advantageous to safe production. (2)All pipelines after linking well should carry on a ground to try to press and try to press the value as work pressure of Doubly, keeping didn't seep into. (3)The exit connects a hard pipeline, inside the path be no smaller than a 62 Ms, consider local season direction of wind, residents' area, road, Facilities etc. circumstance, be alongside of a mouth of a well 35 ms outside, the turn clips Cape to be no smaller than 120., Separate a 10-15 ms to use water each time Mire Dun, stud bolt or ground the anchor man fixed o (4)Can not drive various vehicle on the ground pipeline, if the pipeline has to lead a car Benefit plank. (5)Reduce expenses to press a well tube to remit a sum to settle work pressure and use to defend the combination sum of spraying the machine settle work the pressure want Consistent o 2.well drive the performance for suppressing (1)The pump flattens steady, import row the quantity equal exit row quantity, the import and export density is consistent.(1)Press to apply glib-tongued to expel well before the well upper part Chien to save spirit. (2)Press servant of should check a pump to note an equipments, the in order to prevent towel way stops a pump. make the spirit invaded. (3)Press before the well to the spirit continent compare(G() H) a little bit greatly or pressure compare to of well, should first control a D to judge with the glib-tongued Spirit, then emit a liquid before beating into just the right amount of clear water as, behind press well with the high definition liquid. (4)For protection wide layer, should avoid pressing a slice of time leads long, the decrease presses a well liquid to produce a layer of go to dye. (5)While appearing boundary often, still don't return or in great quantities leak to lose, should stop tL to make, the Bu instruct department concerned and adopt at first Effective measure. (6)Press outside for defend[the L pipeline block, should pack to filter a pottery. (7)Should not press area to wear a line in the bureau while pressing to lie, if appear a sting to leak, handle again after shoulding stop a pump to leak to press, outside pass teacher The door operates in response to the side body. (8)Squeeze the pressing of well well Yi crushes into to produce the 1 F coping above 50 ms, although the 7 Js must be accurate. (9)Especially again press combine, have to will of the time press a well liquid to line up clean, expeling the fortress should be bigger than well capacity Chien 1.500%. (10)Want to prepare to defend to spray a gateway on the scene and use to deal with contact etc., the gun packs mouth of a well while spraying by spare parts, again The influence presses the main factor of Jr homework the function of combining the liquid Pressing well process is small. inside the well with various conditions inside the geologic strata all at constantly function in press combine liquid, urge pressure The liquid function is constantly changing and influence son well of success rate.Press a well liquid the piece can break of mainly persisted without change at first "Four invade". 1)Water invades In the process of pressing well in, the foreign water incursion makes to press to combine liquid function breakage. The strength diminishes, the density lowers, should adjust total function in time. 2)The spirit invades The natural gas in the geologic strata(oil well) in great quantities sneaks into to press a well liquid. occupy the well physical volume inside Chien, its density descends, Xian skin increment, result in to press well difficult.The occurrence of this circumstance is "warning signal" that the well sprays and establish namely adjust Press to combine liquid function.The gypsum incursion in the geologic strata presses well to draw in, make the J changed sex ratio also the key radicle in the man strong soil property change Teach soil for calcium radicle, be called calcium to invade.Press a well liquid calcium after invading its Ao the degree and slice dint to lower, lose amount of water aggrandizement;The cement invades BE because the cement incursion makes the function grown worse, its strength enlarges, the liquidity becomes bad, lose water increment, Resulting in to press well is difficult, severity will injure to produce a layer.At this time, should join brown coal alkali and tannin sour powder etc., adopt Precipitate method instauration to press a well liquid function.

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