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The spot test application bedcover automatic monitor acceptance data.the processing software of the monitor tiny machine system, press Request an au to collect to recover liquid noodles and instauration set to press a data, and convert to pressure, display pressure on the screen Recover curve appearance to control test progress.Measure of data, deposit disk to bring back an indoor processing. Technique characteristics; (1)To next don't throw the hand oil well that separates a machine, can avoid putting pressure on to account to measure to press the list resulting in to produce to match a side Blemish, can directly measure the oil layer of the production layer pressure. (2)Need not up the homework, have to produce time short. (3)Can be included to try well data in early days at inside of the pressure of the integrity recovers curve. 3.account calculate way Can make use of a set to press to plus the well tube liquid pillar pressure to noting water well and low spirit oil ratio to compute. 4.estimate calculate way Because of some reason not ability direct diagraph and calculation, can according to development condition or border on well pressure data, Artesian well press the well thick density to wait to comprehensive reference, estimate geologic strata pressure.

overflow to flow behind of measure to press Equip a perfect circumstance in the mouth of a well under, when the occurrence overflows to flow up lift tube school, close to defend to spray a machine, stop over 10* 15 m ton observation the pipeline pressure and set take care of pressure(the brief name set presses), then mount a time to press valve, then the pressure of the geologic strata is FP=any ten Pms=several'pk (6-1 Fo in type\Pa-companion the U take care of pressure for pipeline pressure and set, Fan; PmlP M-companion the U get empty liquid pillar pressure for the pipeline liquid pillar pressure and oil, ferrule, MPa. From ten wreath form the space press a well liquid F is parked (cars), spirit pollution, it isn't accurate to adopt PB and Ph to compute geologic strata pressure Of, can beg geologic strata pressure according to the Po and the P.If the well is deeply a Jian, didn't be subjected to the pressing of oil, spirit pollution well liquid The density is a P1, the pipeline pressure is any while closing well. then: PP=Fo*9.8 PlEs/1000 (6-2) In order to suffering indignities to invade inside the wreath form space of press a well liquid the density is lower than to press well liquid density inside the tube pillar and usually close a well set Press a prince pipeline pressure.This bad value is more big and reflect a geologic strata midstream body incursion of the degree is more serious*type(6 a U and type(6-2) for pressed a well homework to provide the geologic strata pressure the parameter.

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