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Pressing the well is depend to press combine the liquid liquid pillar pressure effectively control geologic strata fluid of pressure, the geologic strata inevitably wants to be subjected to To press the influence of well liquid, it influences degree and presses the quality of well effect and be decided by to press the well liquid liquid pillar pressure and ground The contrast of layer pressure relates to and presses the property of well liquid, adopt of aggravate had better be dissolved to should press well The liquid carries body e all fluids that go into well and all go together with five sexes with the geologic strata rock mutually consistent. A, press the function of well liquid Press a well liquid in the process of using in want to have the function of the following: (1)Matching each other with the geologic strata rock five is compatible with geologic strata fluid, and keep combine tube stability. (2)The density is adjustable, for the purpose of equilibrium geologic strata pressure. (3)Stabilize under temperature and pressure condition under the well. (4)Filtering to lose quantity is little.1.physical factor (1)The wreath gets empty current velocity;Influence the pressure exhausts of size and well tube flush ability.Current velocity shortage may be establish Fully the ability is limited, system pressure the loss is big, the wreath get empty the reason of cleft or the whole system to result in, should raise at this time The familiar degree of fluid. (2)Equipments:Well's descending a homework equipments should satisfy to prepare the request that a little amount material and maintenance fix a well liquid and in great quantities fix The well liquid should be going together with a liquid station to in advance prepare.

(3)The property of fluid inside the well:The choice doesn't influence to adopt fixing of a fluid well liquid, if adopts the geologic strata fluid of It is air, should be easy to take off spirit. (4)The wreath is empty:While using big diameter tool should choose is good to flow to become sexual of fix a well liquid to maintain lowest The pressure declines and eases to take out to draw a function. (5)Fix the function of well liquid;Request to fix a well liquid to have a good stability, it suspends sex, quiet slice dint and lose water Quantity, and density...etc. not exceed schedule to scope o (6)Corrosion:Regulate sour alkalinity or join a slow eclipse, as far as possible the decrease decay. 2.the geologic strata is because of Suo (1)Geologic strata pressure:The liquid pillar pressure equals geologic strata pressure to add to schedule to safe coefficient, well descend tool of sport Result in of taking out and drawing the pressure be unlikely the geologic strata fluid invade fluid. (2)Permeate sex;The control loses water and prevent°from filtering liquid immersion and filter a round flat cake deposition to produce a layer of block. (3)Chuo soil content;Every variety there being different content in the geologic strata teaches soil.Applied feat electrolyte additive Repress new soil water to turn or prevent these from teaching soil the mineral turn afresh. (4)Geologic strata:Permeating sex geologic strata should join sour dissolve sex of liquid or use other methodses can remove of the bridge connect to decline The low liquid filters to lose. (5)Temperature:The temperature bottom has already kept to flow the sexual ability of becoming under the well. (6)Allergy:The sensitivity that filters a liquid to geologic strata water, produces rattan soil in layer content and type and it foreign fluid Of sensitivity and sensitive degree(include:Water quick, sour quick and alkali quick, salt quick, flow sensitivity and heat Quick)b (7)Geologic strata fluid and fix the compatibility of well liquid;Should do dissolubility to experiment.

other factors Pollutant, economic efficiency(press a well liquid most economically is satisfy basic of and particular purpose), harmful effects, again Making use of all of problems is the factors that the influence fixs a well liquid choice.1.water radicle liquid Water radicle fixs well pond to take water as in a row mutually, its advantage is a J:Control a density, new degree The liquid filters to lose and handle expenses not high, easily acquire water to dissolve a raw material o 1)Change sex to fix a well liquid Change sex to fix a well liquid is add to have an additive to fix by satisfying a well liquid is suspending, gel structure and corrosion control etc. square The noodles basic request fixs a well liquid, the weakness is the particle material of high density to block or precipitate to make the productivity descended, isn't Ideal liquid uses them to mainly be decided by its sex to use value and economic circumstance. 2)Have no solid mutually liquid in brine Its system in brine is 1 kind or various water prepare but become, "the sort contain to beat 20% or so deliquescence salt Type, is currently exclusively adopt of fix a well liquid and over well liquid.It prevent°froms the mechanism of geologic strata damage is because of it originally The body is nonexistent because of can't clipping to take solid grain incursion to produce a layer mutually and started up salt to change the ion in the system The environment makes ion live to lower, even if the part presses a well liquid the incursion produce a layer to can't cause to move the last inflation, either and The luck moves. Brine fixs the category of well liquid a lot of, have of join a chemistry processing's is peeled with increment, lower to lose amount of water.

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