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Ram blowout preventer

Ram type blowout preventer is an anti structure form in a spraying device, which can be matched with the control system can be used alone, and the annular blowout

The combined use of preventer. The ram BOP is divided into single ram BOP, double ram BOP, three gate according to the number of gate chamber shell can be

Plate of blowout preventer.

1, use

Ram blowout preventer concrete can complete the following work:

(1) the closed casing drill pipe, casing and tubing or casing annular space between.

(2) the well without pipe column, it can be fully closed hole.

(3) with well killing, the choke manifold with the use of drilling, injection well pressure operation link of exile.

(4) by two sets of ram blowout preventer with complete with pressure tripping.

(5) special circumstances, can cut off tool (with shear plate) were all closed.

(6) can be hung in a sealed state in the well pipe column weight.

2, the principle of work

The ram BOP is mainly composed of a casing, a side door, a hinge assembly, cylinder, piston, piston rod assembly, a flashboard assembly, two

Composed of sealing system.

1) switching action principle

The gate open, close the reciprocating motion is along the shell cavity rib guide defined on the track. Ram action hydraulic energy source in the cylinder can. When the high-pressure oil liquid control system into about the cylinder closed chamber, push the piston, gate shaft, drive the left, right two flashboard assembly, and movement to the well center, to achieve close to seal the well. The gate opened, closed reversing is realized by the hydraulic control valve in the system, generally in the 3 ~ 8s can complete shut or open well. When the high pressure oil into the cylinder cavity around open, about two ram components don't to leave well center direction, achieve the purpose of well.

2) the gate sealing principle

Gate rubber core for rubber, its remarkable characteristic is affected by external compression deformation, can paste evenly on the sealing surface, prevent the medium loss, external force to remove reliable elastic self restoration. In order to realize the well sealing blowout preventer, need to have around the seal also play a role will not leak. This is around the seal between the gate front and a tube; the sealing between the shell and the side door; the seal between the gate shaft and a side door; the seal between the gate and the top shell.

3) floating gate

Ram assembly has a certain gap with the shell cavity, allowing gate floating in the cavity under the. When the gate back to the full open position, gate and gate chamber at the top is not at the top of the rubber sealing surface contact. When the damper is closed, the gate chamber at the bottom of the supporting rib and the top of high sealing surface of slow slope, can guarantee before reaching the gate sealing position between the shell and have sufficient clearance. To achieve sealing, gate front rubber first contact drill, on the piston thrust under the top seal also squeezed upward protrusion, tightly on the sealing convex table on the top of the gate chamber, thus completing the whole sealing. This floating characteristics not only ensures reliable sealing, reduce rubber wear, prolong the service life of rubber core, and reduces the friction resistance when moving gate.

4) automatic sand cleaning, automatic inclined trough toward the center of borehole bottom cavity design of gate, the gate on the supporting rib height of the. The gate can be automatically remove sand and silt, to prevent clogging when closed, to reduce the gate resistance switch. Guide block with mutual prominent in the gate of the front end, opposite the gate groove can be inserted into the guide block, can force the drill moves to center of borehole in gate process, ensure the sealing between reliable and drilling tool.

3. Structure features

1) shell

The housing has a water chamber vertical through hole in the center of the plate body and hold. The gate chamber is square and oval two structure, oval used for high pressure level, in order to make the gate chamber window corner stress concentration minimum. The main body is cast molding, shallow rib structure outside with a big arc transition. This can reduce the weight of the shell, and can enhance the strength of the case. Upper and lower shell connection forms a kind of silk and flange two, a sealing cushion ring groove face processing, according to the requirements, can also provide corrosion resistant pad welding stainless steel ring groove, so that in use due to corrosion and sealing effects. The gate chamber bottom support guide rail and the sand slope, can reduce the mud deposition, reduce friction gate movement. Because the supporting rail high and sand slope exists, make the wells with pressure oil flow into the gate behind and the bottom surface, pushing ram rubber more tightly sealed, to help seal the well pressure effect.

The shell is also provided with side opening, so that the user connection pressure well, the choke manifold in when necessary. Due to the use of the outlet throttling flush operation will make the shell by erosion, extra so advice unless necessary, generally do not use this exit, but should use the export side drilling four links of the killing, throttle, blowout and other operations.

2) the side door

The ram BOP is left and right have a rotatable open the side door, side door hinge is fixed on the housing by the side door with a flat structure, when the side door open, can handle without the operation of hydraulic control system, can be disassembled gate, convenient field work. Seal in the side door and the shell is provided with a guide pin, it can make the side door is closed is better to fit to the guide holes on the shell. In the side door is arranged on a piston rod two sealing system and the observation hole.

3) hinge assembly

The hinge assembly includes a side door hinge, hydraulic hinge, bearing hinge, hinge pin and the corresponding seal ring. The oil through a hydraulic hinge from the housing transfer to the side, and the side door weight by bearing hinge bearing, no mutual interference, isolation. Therefore, maintenance of oil, replace the seal storage ring, without removing the side door, only need to remove the hydraulic hinge can be. On the bearing hinge are also arranged in the circular roller bearings, the side door opening is very convenient.

4) cylinder assembly

The cylinder assembly is composed of a piston, piston rod, cylinder cover, etc.. The barrel type cylinder is fixed between the side door and the cylinder head by the long stud bolt penetrates in the hydraulic circuit, connecting the closing cavity through the cylinder wall thickness, avoiding the damage in the installation and transportation of.

5) ram assembly

Ram assembly is mainly composed of a gate body, a sealing semi ring, a cover plate, a flashboard assembly has two structural forms:

(1) both sides with the gate. The gate, symmetry, do not install the wrong, when the top rubber sealing surface wear is large, may turn over to use the other side, prolong the service life of rubber core, between the gate and the cover plate are connected by screws, and allows relative motion, so the gate with the floating gate, when the front sealing cover hold drill, the piston or well under the pressure of the gate body to continue to move forward, the gate at the top of the rubber extrusion deformation, increase the sealing performance. With the drill guide block at the gate, to seal the well can make the drill to drill in accurate, of different sizes, only need to replace the rubber seal ring and cover the rest half parts can be interchanged.

(2) single flashboard. The structure of the gate for non symmetry, using the front seal rubber core and a top sealing separate structure, integral gate steel core assembly is very simple and convenient to make gate. Top seal and the seal can be replaced individually prior to the damage condition. The gate in different size of drilling tool, not only for rubber seal, to a full set of replacement.

6) the manual locking system

The manual locking system comprises a locking shaft, shaft, rod, a handwheel manual gate etc.. The role of:

(1) the liquid control failure, can be manually close the gate.

(2) when the need for long-term seal well, the available hydraulic flashboard is closed, then manually locking mechanism gate. The gate lock, hydraulic cylinder can be removed.

7) two sealing system

Two sealing system is composed of a plastic sealing grease, single flow valve, a pressing screw plug etc.. Main function is when the blowout preventer needs to be closed, if it is found that the observed drop out holes drilling fluid, explain the piston rod seal failure, then, can through the two seal will be two times the pressing screw plug sealing grease (7603 sealant) into the piston rod on the piston rod around, realize the emergency seal.

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