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Universal blowout preventer

Universal blowout preventer is also called multi effectiveness of BOP or annular BOP, it has the advantages of high bearing pressure, the sealing is reliable, the operation is convenient, quickly switch etc..

The rubber core is a core part of universal blowout preventer, divided into the conical rubber core universal blowout preventer, a spherical rubber core universal blowout preventer and the combination of the rubber core universal blowout preventer three categories according to the structure of the form of rubber core can be.

Universal blowout preventer must be equipped with hydraulic control system to use. It can complete the following work:

(1) when the drill tools in hole, pipe or casing, can use a rubber core closed annular space with different size;

(2) when no drill hole, can fully closed wellhead;

(3) blowout occurred in drilling, coring, well logging and so on in the process of operation, to the annular space formed by Kelly, sealed coring tool, cable and wire rope and the wellbore;

(4) in the use of pressure reducing valve or buffer storage device control, through 18 degrees without thin buckle butt welded drill pipe, forced from under the drill.

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