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Underneath we the simple analysis air is in the problem in the well. The path and way that the spirit invades The air gets into a well towel to beat a few following 11 Js ability of path and way: (1)While drilling into stratum of air along with the Zhu i of stratum of air rock heart ground, rock hole small air incursion contained fixs well Liquid.The air silk of incursion obviously has relation with the rock hole degree, the natural gas saturation degree, and well path...etc..If BE Thin stratum of air, have no how much natural gas the incursion fix a well liquid.If is that person's segment contain to annoy rock strata, the incursion fixs to rush toward a liquid The natural gas total amount is probably very big.Especially meet a wood is sealed to make into a set of tube to leak to lose big crack or dissolve hole spirit to reduce, Possible mountain a great deal of displacement air is suddenly irruptive now and come together formation to annoy in the well bottom plain, this is the mansion that juice Idea of', (2)In the stratum of air air to combine inside spread.Proliferation gets into air quantity in the well some main spirits that are decided by to drill to open Layer the form Be solid to accumulate, bad density and solid well quality etc..The air a life time that generally gets into well after proliferation combines greatly, but When the high pressure stratum of air part is naked eye or set tube to damage, and stop noon to produce over a long period of time, then air proliferation quantity Will increase. Expresses by Bu these two kinds of paths, even if when the stratum of air pressure is smaller than to fix the well liquid liquid pillar physical strength, the air will be also Inevitably goes into well. (3)When compare'Pp, stratum of air inside the air with annoy you or fuse appearance in large quantity inflow and infiltration fix Combine a liquid.

Before knows. will make because of taking out to draw function etc. reason p.lower, stop livinging a little bit for a long time again toward the row Produce, this possibility at combine the bottom accumulate to start to gather a great deal of air but formation spirit pillar.Pressing the well be will have certain function and amount of liquid, pump a person inside the well,Also make its liquid pillar pressure opposite Balance is at the process of geologic strata pressure;Or say that pressing the well is to make use of specialized well to control equipments and technique toward the well inside infuse into Certain density and function fix a well liquid and build up the process of pressure balance. Pressing the well is a well the bottom is the under construction and the inest common use and the most basic of the homework is usually the premise of other homeworks. Press the success or failure of well homework, influence the well construction's quality and the effect.Its key is a with accuracy certain geologic strata to press The dint chooses to enough conform to pressing of function request well Yi, the construction method of a set of reasonable and effective of construction Equipments. The purpose that presses well is temporarily to make the fluid inside the well started construction process under the well in not jet, convenient homework. Press well and protect an oil layer, play the observance"press but don't spray, press but gastight, press but deathless" three principles, have to adopt with Descend 4 to produce the 1 F protection measure: (The U choice superior quality presses combine liquid. (2)Low produce, the low-pressure well can adopt not to press a well homework and strictly forbid to squeeze a well homework(special well excepted) (3)Prosperous thick pond(or bottle) in the ground is clean to have no miscellaneous articles or objects, the homework pumps car and pipeline and carries on to clean. (4)Speed construction speed, shorten a homework period, want to throw to produce after finishing well in time. , Geologic strata pressure bowl the method for settling Press well to depend the pressing of certain amount, certain density well liquid implementation, but the assurance of certain amount, certain density at At the static pressure of geologic strata or currently the measurement of geologic strata pressure, as a result the exactitude that the geologic strata pressure provides or not is choose Choose the key of pressing the well liquid density.

1.measure static pressure(geologic strata pressure) Will carry on well bottom construction of oil well pass the well reply to press a 3-7 ds and stay in form pressure in the ground to read number stability after, Put pressure on to account an oil layer central part to measure to press.directly read a geologic strata static pressure. When the oil well pass well needs pressure instauration, next pressure gauge to combine inside schedule to depth before, have to order two above The step tests to find out to flow to press a gradient, again reckon an oil layer central part, be should combine of static pressure. Measure to press a request: (1)Want to read mouth of a well pressure after closing well every day, need mouth of a well pressure stable empress then can the side press. (2)The static pressure value of Qiu, rises not to exceed o in the 24 hs.1 MPa is qualified o (3)The mouth of a well wants to attain not to ooze while measuring to press, gastight o (4)Dense oil well or try oil in winter, the pass combines before have to crush into certain of light lake(general is diesel) Smooth bottom person's pressure gauge. (5)Generally measure to press after producing be over, or measure first to press after guiding and spraying to see oil according to the concrete circumstance. 2.the liquid noodles instauration method compute an oil layer static pressure The instauration liquid noodles(include an instauration set to press) data after the mouth of a well admits pass well in a row, according to take out oil well oil, The ferrule air fluid, presses the spirit pillar, oil pillar and mix liquid pillar 3 distribute of physical model, make use of pressure to fold to add principle, Will measure of instauration liquid the noodles and instauration set press a data and convert to the well bottom instauration pressure and get a pressure instauration Curve(request pressure curve to have to test to find out to turn a point), then recover curve to turn a data after ordering according to the pressure, outside The pressure that pushes to compute 4320 bloods, Be the oil layer of the equal to pass well 3 ds pressure.

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