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The coiled tubing blowout preventer is a well control device that detects and controls (oil, gas, and water) overflow in time to prevent blowouts, avoids waste of oil and gas resources, and protects equipment and personnel. It also performs drilling operations such as drilling, well repair, and oil testing. The process plays a very important role. Each coiled tubing BOP has undergone rigorous strength testing and performance testing before leaving the factory to meet customer's different operating requirements.
The company's blowout preventer structure is available in a variety of forms, such as single gate plate, double gate plate, four gate plate, and composite gate plate, which can meet the needs of different customers. Each coiled blowout preventer of our company is in accordance with API 16A standard before leaving the factory, through rigorous strength test and performance test, guarantee that the factory product is safe and reliable, and meet the use requirements.

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