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Along with the extension in oil-field development time.need to carry on the oil(spirit, water) well that maintains a homework to present to quickly increase Many trends , for recovering the normal production of oil(spirit, water) well, promise that the oil(spirit, water) well maintains a homework As usual carry on, carry out the dual purpose of oil stratum of air protection and the well bottom safety, well next the homework well control a training Of the importance is more and more valued by petroleum profession.Chinese petroleum natural gas group company successively in 2002 Year and 20 D4 years and 2006 three norm and revise perfect 《Chinese petroleum natural gas group company petroleum Bottom with natural gas well the well control rules 》, well embody a group company to control a work to the well Bu homework well Gao Rong's value.The well controls, namely the well flow out control or pressure control, be adopt a certain method control to live geologic strata hole pressure, Basically keep pressure balance inside the well, promise a well bottom of smoothly progress.

To sum it up, well's controling is solid Shi You annoys the control of well pressure, be use combine tube system of the pressure control geologic strata pressure. Well next homework process in of also control a homework to want whole will produce time limit from now on from its purpose and one mouthful well Consideration, since have to be safe, high-quality and high-speedly maintain good well, and then want to be advantageous to protecting oil stratum of air, the exaltation adopts to accept Rate, extension the oil annoy well of life span.So, depend on the good well control the well that the technique carries on near equilibrium pressure Descend Zuo dr. Recently also controled a technique already from pure of defend an eruption the exhibition become protecting oil stratum of air, prevent°from breakage resources and defend The pollution of the environment wait several contentses, is quickly low cost well bottom technical importance to constitute part and carry out near Important assurance of the equilibrium pressure well bottom is the key technique that promises the well bottom safety.Work well and control work Make, since be advantageous to protecting oil stratum of air, can availably keep well from spraying again, and spray to lose control or catch fire trouble Take place.

People flow out scale and the dissimilarity of control method for adopting according to the well and control the homework to the well and is divided into x-rated, namely a (Beginning)the class well control, the second class well control to control o with x-rated well 1.the entry-level well control The entry-level well controls also call a class well control, is an adoption adequacy of fixing and combining liquid(this book point of fix well wave to descend for the well The liquid used in the homework process)density, the establishment is enough of the liquid pillar pressure Xuan the craft of Heng geologic strata pressure Technique.Have no inside geologic strata fluid incursion well at this time, the well invades quantity to zero, white however also the dollar Ai have a miscarriage to living.

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