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The oil rounds underground circumstance stem to differ ten thousand do not, is mining to weigh to guard an oil layer(well) variety and take turns to have a difference, put Each homework is also each 4 H not breeze:Ex- well bottom in door ten have to have with the Bu a few kinds: ①Zhao Xia's homework, includes to replace well a bottom tube Du and Diao the whole development project, rise a pump-1;Pump, salvage to fall a thing etc.. ⑦Circulating homework, include to press totally, the blunt sand wash well, hot wash and circularly fix well liquid and Ji:The cement fills etc.. ③Revolve a homework, include to salvage, meeting(whet) Xian, drill cement to fill(the bridge fills), outside company's side drill, deepen to drill Well etc.. The cave set of tube fixs and include the tube leakage processing of the tube orthopedics, set and Anne tube subsidy, take a set to change a set of etc.. ⑤Repair bore and this, include an oil layer to repair son, cave layer or time adopting the upper part production adopt the Bu department abortion layer and check Seal to review crowded cement etc.. ⑥The explosion in well, includes an explosion to incise, explosion loose button up, reformation the oil layer permeate medium etc.. ⑦Oil layer compulsive reformation and broaden measure.if enjoy crack, sour turn etc.. The well descends homework craft the technique and each other academics techniques develop one Zuo, from livinging factory physically will Tread to form a benefit development to get up.Applied artesian well machine the equipments anticipate toward the underground anti- drill and dig a 7 L of eye, and adopt a certain craft technique measure with go into The composing ground that the method helps but arrive the craft process of underground oil(spirit) layer passage call artesian well c Drill totally, the purpose Ren wants to prepare, drill into before drilling and over drill three stages to constitute.

Take to fully include to fix before drilling Build highway and the whole well field, move to drill machine equipments etc. with gearing, the purpose is completion to open before drilling of"regiment preparation bottom Make.Drill into include to start to drill machine, drive to drill to have the broken up geologic strata province in the province, circulation the artesian well liquid flush to clean up well bottom and add Deep enter a Chinese foot, drill to take rock heart and geology mercury combine etc., this is the village Shan the main craft process of the artesian well.When drill machine to drill to reach Design well deeply call, drill into a work namely tell be over"at this time and be full of to drill a servant liquid inside the eye, also dirt pie protection well wall Make it 4;The cluster collapses to fall, the well eye like this calls naked eye well. The over artesian well of petroleum well deeply makes sure the artesian well fierce purpose according to the Ji.For example don't the old development well drill first The well deeply should can promise to drill a complete department an oil layer;What to drill the day of Shan basis well is understanding ground crest structure and draw deposition Rock section, contrast ground Ni, therefore drill Shi first deeply have to drill to meet a radicle.The Shi normal circumstance r, the well of Hui N all have to Drill to recognize a design rather iron total man.Rather the well Xun Ao continent rushes toward to make well to shoot to remain to pay an in the state Ba Wei:The cup winter i:Herd the county 4 ns solid perfect combine wall, the completion well deep structure,Shoot to open an oil layer etc.. Petroleum artesian well the history is long and experienced from bulky of go into dint or spare no effort to drill an artesian well, machine for the dynamical Revolve artesian well to the development process used modern craft technique equipments artesian well. Three, well the bottom and artesian well well control of differentiation Well's controling is also next important contents within homework process, is an oil-field the importance mining a craft constitute all cent, BE Develop petroleum and natural gas of'the item important technique guarantee.Because the oil, spirit and water well homework construction is in the mouth of a well Open or the circumstance factory of high pressure closeness carry on of, ignore the oil, spirit and water well pressure height, all exist well to spray of can Ability.The in bar of well sprays, assurance well bottom of smoothly progress, perfect defend to spray measure to the pass importance.

The spot Well next the homework well control a work mainly is carry out a design and make use of and control material, tool to adopt homologous measure, in time The safety controls mouth of a well and prevent°froms occurrence well to flow out, the well spray, the well spray to lose control and catch fire trouble.This will beg:One want Build up mouth of a well control system, make use of mouth of a well to defend to spray device, quickly and availably control well to spray;Two is at under construction strict The space carries out various measure, steady operations that operation regulations include equilibrium geologic strata pressure and shoots bore, substitute to spray, special Safe measure etc. of craft. Can know from the above treatise, the well Ya homework well presses to control with artesian well well of differentiation is: ①The well Bu homework well controls to come up to say from the work condition that compare artesian well and control complicated get many.involve the regiment wide o ②The Chinese petroleum natural gas group company distributes in May, 2036 of 《Chinese petroleum natural gas group Mr. Take charge of petroleum and natural gas well bottom well to control rules 》, definitely stipulate to make use of well a bottom the equipments carries on artesian well(contain The side drills and deepens artesian well), drilled machine to try oil at first or drilled machine hurl at first to produce a homework, all carried out Chinese petroleum natural gas group The company distributes of 《petroleum and natural gas artesian well well control rules). ②Don't ask of combined an of homework equipments to there is greater difference. ④The well bottom material luck moves sex strong, homework time is short. ⑤The big parts of well bottom takes care of in the oil layer set inside, the wells bottom well, such as geologic strata data and well body structure...etc. controls The data needed can refer to artesian well data, oil extraction data. and previously of the well F make servant data*clean.The mouth of a well device can not lead Gao, otherwiseConsumedly the increment labors strength, also increase a homework difficulty. ⑧Wash well and press well to use anti- circulation more, this is different from artesian well. No matter the artesian well well controls still well bottom the well control, all is make use of mouth of a well to defend to spray to equip an establishment since of return to press and The liquid pillar in the well tube pressure goes to equilibrium geologic strata pressure, or says basic keep combine inside pressure balance, promise well the bottom makes Industry and artesian well of smoothly progress.

To sum it up, well's controling is implementation to annoy well pressure to the oil of control, be use a well bottom design is according to oilFarmland development of request to draw up.Several years of fulfillment proves that with accuracy Carry on well does the bottom establish to beg for?, Not only can ensure well the bottom starts construction safe dependablely carry on, and will also lift High construction effect and obtain better economic efficiency.Distribute according to the Chinese petroleum natural gas group company of 《medium The country petroleum natural gas group company petroleum and natural gas well bottom the well control rules 》.well's controling a design is a well the bottom make The industry designs medium importance to constitute part, is the key technique that promises that petroleum and natural gas combine the well bottom safety. Work well well to control a work, since be advantageous to protecting oil stratum of air, can availably keep well from spraying again, the well spray to lose control or catch fire a matter Past of occurrence.

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