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Pass by, people control a work to exist two kinds of inaccuracies to the well of understanding;It a, is controled an equipments by ten past wells Of simple and crude, can not availably close well, especially to the well of high pressure oil stratum of air, for the sake of not the well spray, the usage big density Of fix a well liquid, as long as not the well sprays, slice west the ground thinks that the well controls a work to work well factory, as for whether pollute oil stratum of air, Then consider very few.It two, use is lower than the fixing of the oil stratum of air pressure coefficient well liquid, try to use well an eruption now lake spirit Hide.Although its subjective wishes for the sake of the detection park (cars) the spirit hide, it result contrary, the well not only can not enter after spraying Going is normal of combine homework, and the well sprays behind of press a well homework to inevitably result in to the oil stratum of air severity of Injure. Above-mentioned two kinds of result of inaccuracy understanding and result ins educated people and made people know:Only have actually Shi Jin equilibrium pressure well bottom, the adoption forerunner's well controls technique and well to control an equipments be discover oil stratum of air, protect Protect stratum of air in the lake only"correct path.Almost the Heng pressure is the fixing of usage reasonable well liquid to form is more slightly high than ground The liquid pillar of the layer pressure pressure, attain the purpose that carry out one class control to the oil layer.

Attain since not pollute geologic strata, also Don't take place well to spray.Once a class control can not the accurate implementation , after appearing to overflow to flow, can also then use the forerunner's well Control an equipments to be in time carry on closing well, carry out a second class control, Be thus advantageous to protecting oil stratum of air, protect a ground equipments and Environment. Hard work well well to press the work The well controls a work to directly relate to combine the homework troops, oil annoy the farmland contract for the benefits of executive and nation and do The good well controls:I:Make a meaning graveness, work well the well control a work, should attain the following what time: (1)The all levels leadership staff has to hard carry out a group company the well control working conference spirit, all on the thought On knowing, highly value, only have so, then can promise that the well controls a work to has plan, have organization ground along correct Orbit keeps step a ground of healthy development. (2)To make good well to control a work have to systematically grasp five links completely;Thought a value, measure exactitude, strictly management, technique training,Equip a kit.

Thoughting a value means that the all levels leadership wants to highly value well to press the work.Don't control work and protection oil to the well The stratum of air opposition gets up.Well's controling a work is the foundation technique that carries out a near equilibrium pressure well bottom, the well controls a technique to make Like, be advantageous to detection and protection oil stratum of air, raise oil spirit also of produce Dan, and then can keep well from spraying losing control, solid The safety produces now. The measure exactitude presses the correct pass well procedure to carry out to effectively control after meaning in time discover to overflow to flow and discover to overflow to flow Make mouth of a well to combine to organize to press a well homework in time. Strict management means in the whole process, have to build up with various sound systems, and hard carry through a performance.Want to hard carry out the check almond acceptance systemThe degree, the post Yin Qian system and logistics promise system.

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