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The use of ram BOP matters needing attention:
1) the ram BOP can be used as a complete sealed flashboard ordinary, hydraulic pressure in the 8.4 ~ 10.5MPa (1200 ~ 1500psi);
2) the installation position of ordinary gate and ram BOP can be interchanged, namely ordinary gate and ram BOP can be installed in any one gate chamber;
3) the operating parameters of ram BOP:
Fluid control closing pressure ≥ 14MPa, maximum 21MPa; shear 5 ", G-105 grade, the nominal weight of 19.5 lb/ft, calculate the flat end weight of 17.93 lb/ft (26.71kg/m), 0.362in wall thickness (9.19mm) of the drill pipe, shear fluid control closing pressure ≥ 14MPa; sealing a maximum operating pressure of 70 MPa.
* Note: ram BOP top sealing and common gate seal, attention during installation.
* Note: ram BOP do not have the ability of anti hydrogen sulfide, used in hydrogen sulfide environment.

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