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The structure and working principle of universal blowout preventer

Universal blowout preventer although form each are not identical, but the structure is relatively simple, mainly composed of a casing, a top cover, a rubber core and the piston four

Major components.

Universal blowout preventer consists of hydraulic control systems, closed high pressure oil from the middle part of the shell oil into the mouth of the lower part of the piston closed cavity,

Push the piston up piston cone extruding rubber core, because the top limit, the rubber core can not be up, can be pushed to the center, storage

Preparation of rubber core in between the supporting rib rubber for supporting ribs toward each other, be pushed well center, until the hold drill or full closed well

Export, achieve the purpose of the packer.

When the need to open the wellhead, the manipulation of the hydraulic control system of reversing valve, which makes the high pressure oil from the oil port of the upper part of the shell into the piston

Open chamber, push the piston down, closed cavity fluid pressure relief, role in the rubber core cone extruding force on the elimination, rubber core in itself bomb

Under the action of force gradually reduction, open the wellhead.

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