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The structure and characteristics of spherical BOP

Spherical BOP is composed of a casing, top cover, piston, bearing group, the rubber core of 5 main parts. A small number of parts, easy to repair, convenient assembly and disassembly in the field.

1 Guangxi drilling spherical BOP structure

The hydraulic connection only switch two interface, convenient installation; the height of small size, light weight.

2 wear ring structure

Piston, a shell and a support group between the static sealing surface are with wear resistant group, to avoid the direct contact between metals in motion, the piston and housing protection.

3 lip seal structure

Dynamic seal were collected butterfly shield sealed by the structure, minimizing the wear of the sealing ring, and reliable sealing, leakage is avoided.

The 4 piston

The piston section is in the shape of "Z", a short trip, low height, big radial dimension characteristics.

5 well spherical rubber core features

(1) the rubber core hemispherical. It is composed of the half toroidal radiating arch support and the rubber vulcanization, made by alloy steel bearing ribs. In the rubber core is opened, the paper Chengjin squares away from the wellhead, reply in situ. In the state of Guangxi to seal the well drilling pressure, the rubber core middle rubber on the turn, and the bearing support ribs on the surface of the sphere to stop on the mission, the rubber in safe squeezed state, can withstand greater pressure not to tear.

(2) the funnel effect. Spherical rubber core from the free state to the closed state, the cross-sectional diameter narrowing is unequal, upper reduced numerical value, lower down the small. Thus the rubber core top most rubber extruder, the bottom member, forms an inverted funnel. The rubber flow not only can improve the sealing performance, but also make the drill pipe joint is easy to get into the rubber core. In drilling, improve the service life of rubber core drilling pressure due to compression of the rubber core rabbit to withstand tensile stress.

(3) rubber reserve capacity. The plastic core rubber reserves are much larger than the rubber core of other types, after the forced snubbing tool wear, the standby rubber more continuous extrusion supplement, especially suitable for the floating Guangxi drilling wells on the ship due to shock waves caused by drill and rubber core frequent friction field use. Due to the continuous improvement in recent years rubber core quality, service life extending. Can complete the work well without the need to replace the rubber core.

(4) the well pressure to help seal. In the shut in the inner cavity of the piston ring, the upper area of the piston and pressure to the report, the rubber core tight seal, increase the reliability of sealing.

Friction arch support ribs makes the rubber core and cover asked for steel friction against steel, much less than Mount relay rubber to steel, thus reducing the shut in pressure.

When drilling in the drilling tool, the first anti old rubber core spray device cut out, and then the new rubber core cutting in two between the core open a mouth, the rubber core pulling sleeve drilling tool, change.

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