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The physical volume that takes care of pillar is decided by the length, outside path that each one takes care of pillar, inside path.For majority of common sizes of Taking care of the pillar can hand over from the physical volume watch as well as from the formula calculation of underneath; Line up joss-stick quantity(m'/m)=7.854:10'M[outside path'(M)-inside path'(mm)] Because a certain reason(tube laurel water take) results in wet lift, then rise tube pillar to spray to fix a well liquid, this circumstance takes with wine Go into of fix the well liquid accumulates the row that should equal the tube pillar put forward to accumulate it for the quantity and the contents with.For take care of the contents of pillar Accumulate, can check from the pipeline physical volume the form as well as compute with the nether formula;2)Rose tube pillar to once produce to greatly take out to draw pressure Having the tube the taking out of pillar to draw a function will lower well bottom pressure and make well bottom the pressure is lower than geologic strata pressure, from result in Overflow to flow.Supervision and examination that take out to draw a function all check inside the servant whether Zi full method homology of liquid for fixing well, need together The equipments of the kind and the Ting idea of the homology item.

The principle with let up Bo2 Ji's function while having a tube school beats: (1)As far as possible control slightly high D geologic strata of the Dou bottom joy dint pressure(this outruns of press a person is a safety affixture to press Dint)o (2)The wreath form space cleft wants a proper house: (3)The control rises to take care of pillar of speed. 3)Fix a well liquid the density isn't enough Fix the well liquid density small sufficient place original Gang that overflows to flow it The Yue pole way of doing is: (1)Accurate estimate geologic strata from the dint. Analyze close by combine data, especially deliver noon to spray over the underground boundary, infusion homework, set the tube leak to lose, solid well quality fish Not like or discard the circumstance of well. (2)The ground that install luck province but pack Tung, in order to in time expel fix the well liquid small air Combine liquid again the sorcery reply circularly arrive combine inside. (3)Keep to fix a well liquid to be placed in good appearance. 4)The circulating Tong loses Circularly leak to lose to mean inside the well fix combine the liquid leak into geologic strata and cause combine inside the quiet liquid school press J Overflow to flow while settling degree the r 7 Js can take place.Keep circulation from leaking fiery of general way of doing BE: (1)Understand geologic strata pressure. (2)When the Bu takes care of pillar Ui dint the concussion let up to lowest extent. (3)Keep the good appearance of fixing the Dou liquid. (4)Work well to ask inside the well beat to block up to leak eliminating of material have 5)Geologic strata pressure abnormality If be subjected to the influence of noting water, the old well matches a tube to outside connect an etc..

The way of doing that usually adopts is: (1)The analysis borders on well data and especially note water to living a wide circumstance, note water Dan and note water pressure dint etc. (2)Control a well body structure circumstance, leaks to lose such as the set tube, solid well quality although etc.. (3)Closely accept to press to fix well over solve small pressure variety.The natural gas density(o.the ooo rib 3 gs/cm') compares to fix a well liquid small get many, fix a Dou liquid in of naturalAnnoy, in the density Bad function F, in spite of is open:Wear well or close totally, the air moves to always play toward the luck of mouth of a well output.Put out However the spirit still has proliferation piece big and easy Ran and easily explodes of characteristics. Natural gas of these are two the piece make the well controled a work complication especially, sport of the expansible air, result in a quiet hydraulic The change of dint and well pressure Chien has to understand and anticipate this to change, for the purpose of control spirit invade. The H 2 ses in the natural gas contains deadly poison. bring threat to the Human body Anne's umbrella, to the tube pillar and the well control device is very strong Of causticity, make they result in hydrogen frailty breakage;The hydrogen sulfide can accelerate nonmetal material of aging, make to take care of Zhang in of Seal to separate machine rubber, well to control to equip to mediumly seal completely expiration;The H2 s village water radicle fixs a well liquid to have to a little bit greatly pollute, even The formation flows the jelly gum of achievement not. The natural gas after invading the Dou results in quiet liquid claw dint and combine pressure Chien's change, especially natural gas at rise Inflating process is small.The quick inflation that approaches mouth of a well very easily inducts well to spray, therefore, Ji juice falls off more complicated, more difficult Handling the n has to study and control natural gas to overflow the characteristics for flowing and avoid and let up it to combine homework of bane.

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