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Control the well flows out of pressure, is when the circulation gives vent to anger to invade to fix a well liquid, need or appear of pressure Time in the Gua ground presses and reduces expenses a tube to remit pressure loss. Two, the well bottom often presses the principle and advantage that the method presses well (1)The second class well controls to have a little bit basic twoses:One want make the function is on the geologic strata of well bottom the pressure is higher than geologic strata Pressure, otherwise various fluid in the geologic strata will morely get into well, if convection person and inside of the fluid is complete Out of control, will take place well to spray;Two will never can make the mouth of a well pressure led while being in the super equilibrium geologic strata pressure high. Be greatly fixing the well Yi pillar upper part to need back to be pressed to control geologic strata pressure, but return to ran over, take care of a breakage geologic strata, set, Defend to spray equipments e (2)The basic principle that the well bottom often presses a method is in the implementation presses to combine in the process always keep combine bottom pressure and geologic strata The balance of pressure doesn't make the new geologic strata fluid flowed a person inside the well, don't make to control pressure again in the meantime over high, endanger geologic strata And equipments.

(3)The outstanding advantage that the well bottom often presses a method is: ①It is an in general use method and include majority of is the existing method of special circumstances. ⑧Various circumstance for meeting while canning handle well Tong.⑤In brief but easily is an oil-field well bottom the personnel use. ④Include factory to use a method now some circumstances neglected. ⑤Proper state ten oil-fields rose a homework and is the c that fulfillment proves Combine bottom to often press the technique brief introduction of method breeze well The Shi bottom often presses a method is line up mountain spirit to make to fix a well liquid of a kind of just Xiao of method.At press well to lead Zuo small even if face Arrive a suddenly complicated circumstance, also the ability is quick you with accuracy operate pump and control to reduce expenses pressure.When Xiao occurrence made to flow out, Close well Xun the tube press a person*d ability is zero, also r 4 ability not is zero. 1.close the well pipeline's pressure as pressing of zero:00 well This is the easy member circumstance and read for its to necessarily lift to still fix a well liquid density.This kind of also flows out usually from":Keep Draw a function or from J'air proliferation get into well bottom to fix a well liquid small result in.UJ with consider two kinds of circumstances.

1)The set takes care of pressure is also zero This explains that the fixing of wreath form space total liquid invades dirty small strict to, should open to defend to spray road instauration circulation.In addition to feeling Condition depravation outside, in juice idea fix combine liquid pond wave noodles and doubly combine liquid density of in the meantime, to return of fix a well liquid to carry on Full in addition to annoy can with D o 2)Set Zhi pressure is not zero At this time have to Jyong's observing a festival to flow valve circulation be dirtily invaded to fix a well liquid inside the space by ejecting a wreath form, the operation is like L: (1)Make selection a some line of members(the pump is soon), take care of the debt dint constant circumstance F start Jian at Anne, the pump attains that pump Soon.The hydraulic-pneumatic mansion is approached to early Gu very much to circularly pump to press at this time. (2)Control the Shi shoulder that the regrets flows valve size, make the pipeline pressure equaled of four the beginning begging start circulation to pump happy.combine Keep constant.Inside the Ya pass well pipeline pressure is zero, so the early Gu circulating pipeline total pressure equals early Gu at this time The circulating pump enjoys n (3)At the circulation-J Gou Li, be a wreath form string capacity already circulating combine Chien, the set tube pressure should reduce Zero.At this time.the control end.Stop Zhu Xiao to pick up, set wood wind dint and pipeline pressure city is zero. At circulate a small mansion juice interest measurement to fix combine liquid density, carefully don't will be invaded dirtily fix combine the Yi re- pump a person Inside the outside. Sometimes, after attaining the control that Liu Yi flows can a little bit raise the density of fixing the well liquid, in order to make the well got Arrive better balance.

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