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The technique training means direct conductor homework brigade the spot the brigade of the staff of the leadership, technical personnel and homework of the abortion ten The department, positive(pair) leader of class has to control a technique training to investigate after Shi and obtain well to mix operation certificate.To homework brigade post The worker wants to carry on the professional training that the Shi mixs knowledge, the battle homework work enters school the outside of holding the radicle wood to control a technique;A"the u mountain is now The Shi sprays an omen, can press the request of post. with accuracy carry out well to control an operation, ensure a safety 4'produce. The material goes together with whole mean the blood skill is relevant combine r homework the material go together with up to standard, go together with to together correspond pressure grade to defend to spray Sweet, reduce expenses, compare and take care of to remit and control system. (3)Want brigade treat an oil layer the set take care of weak Fu of the well control[make. The well of old oil produces after many noons of noons, oil Ni set the tube is subjected to toward the harm and corrosion of degree, some Gold tube already blowout or pliers break, the oil spirit being closed resides to connect inside nature and well.

The towel is at the existence of the shallow stratum of air, a The Dan well tube liquid Qian scolds dint and spirit to reside pressure to lose balance, the natural gas Long will soon flee ground Xi.If well u Shu Install a brigade to spray Ming or handle a wood be, in a twinkling spray to lose to mix for the possible occurrence well little past. (4)Notice a defending of towel, low-pressure continent spirit well to spray a work. A great deal of of fact express, water Lun is the Yu son Shan spirit to rise, is still the small low-pressure oil spirit Fu, want ~only not according to inferior view rules The Lyu handles affairs and thoughts to paralyze and handle measure dint.all have uJ can take place and spray or also spray to lose control trouble c to count generally The word expresses that grow to deliver in the towel low-pressure oil spirit 1:The comparison foot that the well sprays to lose control is bigger.The circumstance-F in Xiao, full Notice a towel, low-pressure continent spirit(layer) well of from control work foot["divide necessary. (5)Well's descending homework well to mix a work is 1 to request tight system engineering, involve each management(investigate to explore) The bureau and the oil(spirit) old male Diao buys to investigate to explore a development, design, construction unit price, technical director, safety, environmental protection, material, thing Sections, such as property and training...etc., each relevant academic degree have to Yu degree value.various works have to have the organization ground the coordination to carry on. [61 strict plants go right sheep tV rather the A16 is thick, 1.strengthen a training, completely raise the spot personnel's character (])Ji who strengthens a training is to sex.Since the childhood combine next make a hrk design, managed, directed, operation of each post, each The personnel of the layer all should take part in a homologous training.Haven't yet mutually the person of the father professional knowledge training and operation technical ability training Member or training Li end's obtaining personnel p of qualified certificate all doesn't get[:The Gang works. (2)Enhance well to control a training of comprehensive.Be engaged in Shi, the bottom establishes an iJ, conductor and management(direct) and holds Each layer of making, each post personnel compares to take part in Dou to control a training and includes to on the spot be engaged in to record well, side well, test, solid The personnel of services, such as well and definite direction Shi...etc. should also take part in Qi should of the well control knowledge and technical ability training and attain to hold a certificate last.

(3)The construction troops that is engaged in "three Gaos"s oil spirit well wants to exclusively arrange time before starting construction, to whole brigade person Member and is in conjunction with a case that the worker carry on the training that aims at a "three Gao" Xiong spirit well characteristics and meet an emergency to prepare to practice etc., the construction square wants should train to be included in contractIn.Training a work particularly should to origin combine geology design, engineering design, Work design, meet an emergency to prepare case etc. to carry on a technique to hand over bottom;To this also may the special geology, engineering and well meeting control, Anne Whole, environmental protection etc. problem and related request to carry on introduction;To job, management system and related technique of each post Standard and norm carry on declaring Guan.The square of construction is responsible for carrying on a necessity toward the local crowd that is placed in inside the guarding area Of publicity and Pei Zun, and carry on contact with local government, moderate concerning the affair. So-called"two Gao" oil spirit well means that the high pressure oil annoys combine, Gao Han Liu oil spirit well, high oil in the Wei region spirit well.

⑦The high pressure oil spirit well means with the geology design provide of geologic strata pressure is basis, the local layer fluid is full of well Tube, predict that the mouth of a well pass well pressure may attain or more than 35 MPas wells. ②The oil of Gao Han Liu annoys well to mean the hydrogen sulfide content in the geologic strata natural gas is higher than a 150 mdms 3(100 PPs") Of well o ⑦The high oil spirit well in Wei region means at the mouth of a well around the 500 m has a village, school, hospital and work inside the scope Factory, gather city to wait for someone a member to gather together place, the oil depot, and explosive database...etc. easy Ran explosive substance article deposits a point, surface water resources and Industry, agriculture and national defense facilities(include the homework underground tunnel of mining the underground resources), Be located on river's river, lake and pool sea and The sea contains to beat hydrogen sulfide[the hydrogen sulfide content in the geologic strata natural gas is higher than 15 do m'(10 PPs")], an oxidize The carbon waits the well o of poisonous and harmful air (4)Construction the square station the professional direct personnel of the spot or construction the square specifies of being responsible for of construction unit Person, is responsible for organization and moderate the spot:I:The troops and related cooperation square staff member carries on on the scene defend to spray a drill with Meet an emergency to prepare a case to practice.The spot direct personnel is responsible for inspecting J:The troops strictly presses designs, construction norm and standard Carry on a construction."Three Gao" oil spirit also of start construction process in, each one defends to spray to practice to be no less than 2 times monthly and set up well The period is lower than the well with 15 ds, each each well defends to spray to practice to be no less than once.

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