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The well controls the design of equipments(choose to play) As for well control an in detail explaining in detail of the equipments, please read this book relevant chapter, only do here some basic of original The piece then describes.The well controls the kit and combination form of material and tool, try to press standard and gearing to request press 《Chinese stone The oil natural gas group company the petroleum and natural gas also descend homework well to control rules 》performance.The hydraulic defends to spray machine pressure to wait The choice of the class takes the whole well geologic strata pressure as a basis. Need to the tube size, set tube steel class, and well body structure...etc. of the geologic strata pressure, well eye size, set before choosing an equipments Want good understanding. The new well(the old well new layer), heat high pressure well, spirit combine, greatly fix, press to split sour turn measure of of the well work The industry has to install to defend to spray a machine, other circumstances whether the gearing defends to spray a machine, should in each oil-field ordinance Explicit. Doubly the design of well liquid(choose to play) 1 well fixs a well liquid project, should from the following two considerations (1)Fix the choice of well liquid function.The choice that fixs to combine a liquid wants radicle J;Completing main function and suiting geologic strata characteristic, density is reasonable.Is also say The well liquid taken an elective subject has lowest degree to the damage that lS Liu results in;Total piece ability the mansion satisfy this well, this area piece ground to press request; Can satisfy a homework construction request, attain economic reasonable.

Fixing well liquid and geologic strata to go together with one is crafty and be advantageous to protecting an oil layer;The density of reasonable, beats benefit in bottom the Heng geologic strata press Dint keeps well from spraying;Suitable of teach a degree, decrease seep into.The village contains hydrogen sulfide ground the fixing of Ni well liquid since*IJ with is water radicle Of can be park (cars) a radicle.The tube is used which kind, have to carry on special consideration. (2)Estimate to fix the well liquid Jd quantity. Four, satisfy well to control a safety of make a layout The homework starts construction the well field of the spot electric circuit cloth the and equipments installs, rushes toward the item gearing that establishes facilities of for a week Past want to match relevant mark difficult rules, knife:Have already wanted to ensure the homework normal 1:. Combine a field layout diagram such as figure 2-1 show. Five, should total plan At draw up a rows in response to Ga juice(namely the trouble may go into action) main consideration= the problem of the square circle:Person Member safety, defend IL pollution, instauration control. The well bottom meets an emergency to rescue a total principle is save this to hand wound.with salvage personnel life for the first, attain Rescue personnel, environmental protection first, behind rescue production facilities"establish to organize organization, establishment in response to the total rescue should give first aid Aid an organization job the e adjust to gather well-found in response to the total device. Under the well[front, want to the all member Train. The mansion is nasty the contents begging for to row mainly include: (1)The organization organization and job q that the mansion first aid aids, (2)Participate in section and personnel q of trouble processing, (3)Urgent service information, if report to the police and inside the exterior contact a way. (4)The trouble takes place the T skill processing measure that should adopt behind. (5)The mansion first aid aids and controls measure. include to rob an insurance rescue etc.. (6)The potential danger of harmful material and should adopt of in response to Fen measure (7)The personnel withdraws and the Wei keep compartment from leaving a plan. (8)Meet an emergency a training plan and practice a request.1.under the well of under various work condition, geologic strata fluid to well company inside flow the condition that the beard has (1)The well bottom pressure is smaller than geologic strata pressure.

(2)The geologic strata has permeating of necessity sex and allows fluid to flow a person inside the well. 2.overflow the familiar reason for flowing Geologic strata pressure with permeate sex isn't an Affl9 B control of, therefore the occurrence overflows to flow the most hypostatic reason is inside the well Five dint loses balance, the well bottom pressure is smaller than geologic strata pressure to cause.So want to maintain a well to be placed in entry-level well Empty appearance, have to promise the well bottom of adequacy pressure.But under the different work condition, well bottom pressure from 1 kind or A resultant force that various pressures constitute.Therefore, whichever or many cause well bottom the pressure lower of factor, The form probably finally causes to overflow to flow or the well flow out.Among them, the most familiar reason includes: (1)The liquid pillar pressure is smaller than geologic strata pressure. (2)The end inside the well infuses to fix a well liquid or increases quantity shortage while rising tube pillar. (3)Rose tube pillar to once produce to greatly take out to draw pressure. (4)Circularly leak to lose o (5)Fix the well liquid density not enough o (6)Geologic strata pressure abnormality.1.overflow to flow a preventive request The prevention overflows to flow to request liquid pillar the pressure is more slightly big than geologic strata pressure, be say in assurance to fix the well liquid liquid pillar the pressure is big At the geologic strata pressure in the meantime, can not result in well's leaking, cause to press to combine a liquid into geologic strata, result in geologic strata's polluting.

2.overflow to flow of main reason analysis and prevention 1)Have never infused to fix a well liquid or infuse quantity inside the well while rising tube pillar shortage Rise tube pillar process in, because of tube pillar rise, take care of pillar to reduce in physical volume in the well Let up quiet liquid pillar pressure, overflow to flow for the possible occurrence. In the process of rising tube pillar in, can keep to fix a well liquid a liquid to press the pressure inside infusing to fix a well liquid to the well.Rise a body that takes care of pillar Accumulating should equal to lately infuse to fix well liquid to accumulate.If infuse amount of liquid start to be smaller than the physical volume that takes care of pillar, the fluid in the geologic strata Will get into well. For the sake of decrease in order to rising tube pillar fix a well liquid don't infuse full 16 result in of overflow to flow, should attain the following what time; (1)After knowing tube pillar since, the liquid noodles inside the well will descend. (2)Compute to rise a physical volume that takes care of pillar. (3)The diagraph infuses the physical volume of fixing the well liquid that full well tube needs. (4)Periodically will fix the well liquid accumulates with rise a physical volume that takes care of pillar to carry on comparing and record at rise, under tube the pillar record This up. (5)If two kinds of physical volumes don't agree with to match to want to immediately adopt measure.

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