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Defend to spray a machine

The defending of company production sprays a machine to have artesian well to defend to spray machine and homework to defend to spray a machine two major types to defend to spray a machine.The type has:The normal regulations type sluice board defends to spray a machine, hand to move single sluice boardThe electric cable defends to spray the machine, hand moves to take a good single sluice board defends to spray the machine, hand moves multi-function single sluice board to defend to spray a machine(take whole, half to seal, isolate one-self a head) etc..

Drive a way:Moves, the liquid move

Carry a conjunction:Method orchid, plant silk

Work pressure:2000PSI/3000PSI/5000PSI

Male call a path:90mm/120mm/179.4mm

The product produces a basis:API 16 As and related norm.


The FH type wreath form defends to spray a machine

1.the structure simple tightly packed

2.the piston up establish to bear to whet wreath to prolong to defend to spray machine life span

3.the gum Xin seal zero effective, have already helped to seal function, the weight small physical volume is light and cost low.

4.maintain convenience, can change gum Xin under the sistuation that don't lift to drill

Technique specification

Work pressure Class:2000 psis, 3000 psis, 5000 psis

Temperature Class:T75, T25 and T0

The liquid controls a sum to settle the work pressure 3000 psis, recommending pressure 1200 –s 1500 psis

Up and down carry allied answer:The top end adoption plants silk allied answer, descend carry to adopt a method orchid, plant silk, card hoop allied connect

The liquid controls an oil specification:1 NPT, add a conversion to deal with contact to adopt 1-1/2 NPTs

Seal completely the mat wreath slot adoption heap Han stainless steel or anti- Fu metal alloy

Accept to press a piece and control to press an adoption anti- Fu material and hot processing to match NCAE to request to request with strength



1, control a system kit under the usage in the hydraulic, be have been already drilled to have inside the well, can close the wreath form of different size space;While having never drilled to have inside the well, ability wholeClose mouth of a well.Be here carry on taking heart, the occurrence well sprays while measuring a well homework, can close a square to drill a pole and take the heart tool, electric cable, steel wire rope etc. and well tube formWreath form of becoming space.Adjust to press valve to alleviate in the decompression blunt the machine keeping an ability match with under, can pass to study 18 degrees have no thin button up to drill a pole to the Han, carry on strong line of rise under drillHomework.

2. The wreath form defends to spray a machine work a principle

Wreath form's defending to spray a machine is manipulated by the hydraulic control system.The high pressure oil gets into the piston lower part close chamber from the hull body central oil while closing and push piston north bound, The piston awl noodles squeezes gum Xin.Because crest the restriction for covering, gum Xin can not north bound can be pushed toward the mouth of a well center, until hold close to drill or all close wellCarries out the purpose that it seals well.

While needing to open well, manipulate a hydraulic control, the system changes toward the valve and make high pressure oil from on oil of hull body get into piston upper part of open a chamber, push piston bottomGo, close a chamber to leak to press, in the squeezing of the gum Xin awl noodles dint cancellation, the function's gum Xin resets gradually under the flexible dint function at oneself and opens mouth of a well.

3. The usage requests

(1)Take place well to spray while having been already drilled to have in the well, can first defend to spray machine control mouth of a well with the wreath, but as far as possible don't make to close for a long time, a gum Xin easily damage,Two have no lock tightly equip.Under non- special circumstances, need not it closes empty well.

(2)With the wreath form defend to spray a machine to carry on not to press well to rise next drill a homework, necessarily and fluently use to take drilling of 18 degrees slope.Lead rise while dealing with contact next drill speed to have to be slow,The rubber that drills already to have a top's protecting hoop should all unload.

(3)When wreath form defended to spray a machine to be placed in close appearance, close well pressure below 5 Mpa can up and down the activity drill.But forbid to revolve to drill.

(4)Strictly forbid to use to open the method that the wreath form defends to spray a machine to leak pressure inside the well, in order to prevent stab wreath gum Xin.

(5) After opening well each time necessarily and fluently check whether all open, in order to prevent hang bad gum Xin.

(6) Solid well, block up to leak etc. homework after, will inside the blunt chamber clean, keep a switch vivid.

(7)Must specially notice to seal completely mat wreath and steel turn slot while installing or dismantling to unload a wreath form to defend to spray a machine, disallow to destroy by knocking or row wound.

(8)After passing in and out a territory into the purpose layer, each time since next drill once, should take to drill to try pass well once, check gum Xin to seal well effect.Be unsuited to a request, should immediatelyReplace.

(9) Press relevant standard, should periodically defend to spray a machine to carry on trying to press to the mouth of a well wreath form.

  Under the well in the process, under the well of the indetermination has a lot of factors, the circumstance is very complicated, regardless oil(annoy,

Water)the pressure height of well, all have occurrence well to spray a dangerous possibility.Although in recent years under the large well

Under the worker's effort, the well descends to take place well number(time) that the well sprays to share a pimping comparison in the homework process, but

The personnel resulted in dies or injures, the pollution of the environment, equipments and lake annoy well damage, its loss is very astonishing and result in

Very great negative effect.

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