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   second class also control

  The second class well controls to mean only depend well inside fix the well liquid liquid pillar the pressure have no command over geologic strata pressure, pressure inside the well

Lose balance, the geologic strata fluid invades well. appear well to invade, the mouth of a well appears to overflow to flow and by this time want to depend on a pass

Shut a returning of ground equipments establishment to press and the liquid pillar pressure common equilibrium geologic strata pressure inside the well, depend on and control a technique

Expel spirit to invade to fix a well liquid, handle to overflow to flow, recover pressure balance inside the well, make it re- attain entry-level well to control

Appearance e

    Second class well's controling is the point contents that the well controls a training, is a well to control technical core, is also defend something to spray

Point.Fly Yu Shi 12 foot hat g one Yu Shi 12 major doubles is used, /4 Shus thought a 4 Bs at first by doing not take care of PV fatty.The melon Diao Shi hugs 2

Greatly, finally out of control, well happened to spray(ground or underground), by this time want to make use of a specialized equipments and skill,

The control that resumes to the well makes it attain second class well to control appearance, and recover entry-level well to control appearance further'

    X-rated well's controling is usually an said well to spray to rob insurance and probably need to be extinguished fire, close by the well noting water stop to note each f of etc.

Concrete technique measure.X-rated well's controling should as far as possible avoid occurrence.

    Generally says, under the well want to try hard for to make a well to always be placed in entry-level well to control appearance;In the meantime 6

Very the whole meet an emergency preparation, once the occurrence overflows to flow, the well flow out, the well spray, can quickly do a reaction and take into to solve, Hui j

Normal well bottom.  1.the well invade

  The geologic strata fluid(oil, spirit and water) invades the phenomenon in the well and usually call it as the well invades c

Invade, the spirit invade, water invade.

  2.overflow to flow

After also invading occurrence, the mouth of a well returns the liquid quantity of than the close relatives' liquid and measures much, after stopping pump the mouth of a well fix combine liquid auto

Outside overflow, this kind of phenomenon calls it for overflows to flow.

    3.also flow out

    Overflow to flow into-tread a development, fix the phenomenon that the well liquid flows out small mouth of a well to call that it flows out for well.

    4.the well spray

    The well sprays to mean geologic strata fluid(lake, spirit, water) the control ground get into a well tube and make inside the well tube of fix a well liquid jet

The phenomenon of ground.(the well said sprays here of is a ground well to sigh, see figure 1-1 show)Geologic strata fluid from

The well sprays geologic strata to have no control ground flow a person other low-pressure geologic stratas of the phenomenon call ground-the r-well spray.If there is no special elucidation,

The well spoken by this book's spraying is all ground but also basks.The well eruption can not use a normal regulations method after livinging control mouth of a well but appear the phenomenon that the Chang sprays to call it as the well sprays to lose

Control.This is also next malignant trouble within homework, generally will bring serious result and result in huge great damage.

    On the Zong say, the well invades, overflows to flow, the well flow out, the well spray, the well sprayed to lose control to reflect geologic strata pressure with combine the bottom pressure lose

Go to equilibrium later well'F and various phenomenon and trouble that mouth of a well appears develop the different and serious degree of variety.Lake, annoy tidy spray to lose control is a petroleum workDisaster within industry trouble.Son 1"in the last years, we control in the well 3

Although the noodles obtained very great result, also backlog experience;But because of various reason, the well sprays fire to control in recent years:

Put repeatedly occurrence, continuously get stripe.According to complete statistics, the 1 N9—1988 year, our country the total amount take place and spray 5

The well 230 us of controling, among them, the well sprays to lose control the well 78 Us that catches fire again behind and shares well to spray 34% of losing control the well, because of J

Spray to lose control to catch fire to destroy by fire to spray with well the geologic strata falls to sink to cover up behind of drill machine 59 sets.1978 among those a 1988s e

In 11 years the occurrence well sprays to lose control the well 133 us and sprays to lose control to cause to die 5 people and harms 41 people because of the well.1994-

The year of the continent takes place 16 serious wells to spray to lose control trouble, particularly 16 H well in Luo's house, resulted in strict j in the social Bu

Of influence.Raise several examples now, summarize as follows:

    (1)In 1958, long Yuan dam in Sichuan spirit farmland grows one well, river's spirit of Mu Ling hides well to spray, tolerance over 1000:

10'm'/d, the loss is big however the spirit reach to 4.6 l Mto.The mJ shares the spirit's jailbird to always keep 62% of Dan and make that spirit hidden son i

Lost to mine value.

    (2)In August, 1986 Central plains oil-field Wei 146 erupt to living strong well to spray, after losing control, immediately disrupted those 5

Work as usual.Flaming and very hot fire burn to kill one person there and then.severely wounded one person(empress invalid because of rescuing death), 13 people;

Burns with degree.In order to put out wildfire, once successively used fire fighting truck more than 30.Polluted good farm area 3

More than 3000 acre, lose miserably heavy.

    (3)September 28, 1994 is 15 points and Be located on stone house nearby Zhao Xuan2 in Chuang City of Hebei north China oil-field[

The one mouthful prepares to explore well and well happens to spray in the middle of trying oil and shooting a bore homework, in the geologic strata a great deal of hydrogen sulfide air jet mouth of a well, eyes

Spirit proliferation area reaches to 10 villages more than 80 villages, local nearby villager 22.6 myriad peoples be urgently forced to evacuate c

    (4)2 M1 year April 29 the tower inside wood oil-field Di that 2 wells at drill into to well deeply 4875.59 ms deliver!

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