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The construction establishes the well of juice to press the Duo to beg J-Zu the mansion design according to the geology and work the design does a vapor construction design, should check to ask artesian well when it's necessary and Fix combine well history etc. data mutually relevant technique request, 1:The unit wants technician's distance to establish juice to lift the pressing of mountain well liquid, artesian well Liquid aggravates material and place storage that hurtles to request to carry on choosing to go together with and stores, thin turn various wells in the grandfather construction design Control measure', to servant field surroundings"settle inside the scope of reside industries, such as the house of K Shi, school and factory mineral...etc. and L4 all facilities should Carry on the spot to investigate, establish in juice and mark to say xJJ and put forward mutually a guarding against of mansion to request u to start construction in the engineering the unit mansion replies Pit at also field residents' residence, school, and J mineral...etc. in the around certain scope:[Industry with public facilities circumstance, and make Settle concrete prevention and emergency measure.The mansion includes but is more unlimited than: (1)Press a well liquid request:Function and amount q: (2)Press to combine material preparation:Clear water, additive and add Zhao material etc. c, (3)Specification, combination and sketch map that defend to spray a machine reduce expenses, press a well tube to remit specification and sketch map. (4)The well controls the spot gearing of device, adjusts to tries and try to scold to request...etc.. (5)Take care of to defend to spray the work righteousness specification, model number and amount inside juice. (6)Rise bottom to take care of pillar and revolve homework(drill to whet meeting Xian), Zhao Xia greatly teaches path tool, (drill Ting or to separate a machine etc.) Electric cable(the engineering measures well) homework and empty well, should have concrete well to control a crest to defend measure.

(7)The construction homework is leading cluster, the pass accounts a method to really settle(soft pass well or hard pass combine) c while Wo happening to flow (8)In response to explicit environmental protection, fire prevention and keep hydrogen sulfide etc. from having intention to the 1 L body measure and device of harmful air Prepare to wait o (9)To contain sulphur etc. to there is an ambition going Hui oil spirit outside meeting an emergency to prepare a case of draw up, should make reference to standard sY/T 66] os a 2005 《 contains the hydrogen sulfide continent spirit Dou well the bottom make, the brigade recommend way of doing 》of the village righteousness stipulate c:, Well according to design the basic data needed (1)Well do not, opening date, over date of well, over artesian well deep, artificial well bottom. (2)The set takes care of specification, thick wall, steel class, path inside the least, next go into depth. (3)The cement returns Gao, well gradient number. (4)Shoot to rise the oil built-up and shoot to open a well segment, oil layer central pressure. (5)The crude oil new degree, density and geologic strata the fL Xi degree, geologic strata permeates rate, originality to contain oil saturation degree. (6)The oil repairs to be apart from, the set repair to be apart from.

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