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Choosing to go together with salt appropriately can satisfy a big parts of geologic stratas conditional well-Bu homework to need, its density scope is 1.06- 2.38/cm;.In common use brine and density are as follows: Chlorination potassium brine:The density is the biggest to 1.17 gs/cm' Sodium chloride brine:The density is the artificial 1.206/cm' Evolve sodium brine:The density is the biggest to 1.506/c.L' Calcium chloride brine:The density is biggest to is a t.399/cm' The bromine turns calcium brine;The density is the biggest to 1.39-1.70 mineral cms 2. The bromine turns calcium/calcium chloride brine:The density is the artificial 1.33-1.80 ses/cm 5. The bromine turns Yi bromine to turn silicon calcium chloride brine:The density is the biggest to 1.80-2.30 gs/cmz. At choose that brine fixs combine addition to consider in addition to the characteristics that produces the 1 F salt piece, also play to understand brine Characteristics, such as easily suffer indignities to wait influence, hygroscopic power, density and crystallize temperature etc.. 3)Liquid in polymer brine Liquid in polymer brine replaces smooth ten old creationses of familiar soil or Pengs by polymer to teach a degree and slice dint and filter appropriately little Liquid in brine of quantity, that system still stipulates that the solid of various different type is a bridge to connect, in order to prevent nine violence looks liquids In great quantities leak to go into to produce a layer.Bridge's connecting should be sour to dissolve, water dissolve or the oil dissolve.

The mechanism that prevent°froms geologic strata damage is:The characteristics, cent that is suitable for to produce a layer chooses like ofSolid mutually grain, the bridge connects on the geologic strata hole an entrance, at well wall formation very to Airtightly filter a round flat cake, finish controling a well liquid and filter an invading of liquid thus person.If ever a little amount filter Yi to invade a person, among them deliquescent Salt and polymer repress a function to keep familiar soil water from turning an inflation further.Namely from"the bridge blocks up" and"suppress Make"the both side prevent°from the damage of geologic strata.The bridge blocks up solid mutually the grain give obviation after homework, it permeates a rate can Hui Reply originality and permeate 95% of the rate.100% didn't injure to the basic geologic strata. 2.oil radicle liquid Make to mutually press a well liquid in a row with the oil, be inside water formation liquid not in a row mutually be called an oil radicle to emulsify a liquid, Be applicable to pressure is lower than geologic strata and water quick sex geologic strata of fresh water gradient.If the spot crude oil suitable for the homework need Want, then at first livinged crude oil is 1 kind to bestly fix a well liquid, it doesn't injure to produce a layer.The weakness that parks radicle wavel is to imply a stone Wax and asphalt grain will emulsify geologic strata, the Shan orders and the ignition point is low to have fire of dangerous o 3.foam liquid From liquid(usually is water) and the surface live the friendly body(air or nitrogen annoy) constitute Layer, but its operation complexity and cost are subjected to condition of the foam system stipulation.The Jin notes a method is to well Chien inside infuse to note a segment to press a well liquid, the well Jian Yi Zhu's pressureThe ability equilibrium geologic strata pressure presses Piece method.This method much uses not high in the pressure, work Jian Jie and time is short to reach a Bu to make servant wide.The characteristics is a ratio Well liquid and oil layer directly gets in touch with, the well after descending the homework soon throw to produce, but this cancellation to the damage o that produces a layer 2.circulating method The circulating method is to match density the pressing of way well liquid the pump go into well and carry on circulation, density a little bit smallly at first press combine liquid (Or oil, spirit and water)BE pressed well to use of press a well liquid to need a well Chien to attain to press combine day of of method.JI 5 Ls however pair of The well pressed Shi, under the sistuation that the mouth of a well opens, the well descends to also easily produce a new complicated circumstance, this because the liquid Shi presses Dint didn't°yet completely build up, the heart presses a well liquid to be been irruptive by high pressure air and liquid and break, very difficult establishment rise well tube 1 ground The pressure balance of layer system.

The way of solution results in to return to press definitely in the mouth of a well and makes use of back to press and press combine liquid Pressure in the liquid school achieves equilibrium geologic strata pressure and represses geologic strata fluid to fly to inside the well. The pass town of circulating method joy well is assurance press combine the density of liquid and control appropriate Gang to press. 1)The anti- circulation presses combine Anti- circulation presses combine is will press a servant liquid to go into the item in the well from the oil, the ferrule form space pump fluid inside the Pu servant, d 1 tube school Inside rise the circulating process of mouth of a well. The anti- circulation presses well to much use high at the pressure, spirit Shan compare big continent spirit well in.Because, the anti- circulation presses well nf, liquid Flow enough from cut but accumulate greatly, tube pillar with low current velocity and set taking care of a wreath form to living to fly to a piece-W to accumulate is small, current velocity Gao of tube pillar Inside.According to the hydraulics row cluster certain condition to press a well liquid the wreath form from the tube pillar and set tube lord When pumped a person, press the bottom of well liquid to go current velocity low, follow distance Mo the Zu lost small, press to decline also small, produce to the well bottom Cave the uJ pressing opposite bigger o see, the anti- circulation presses well from-the beginning produce a bigger well bottom time to press.So, right At the pressure still, spirit oil compare big well, adopt anti- circulation press method not only easily successful.prepare and after pressing well, even if oil The layer has slight injure, while canning also ask for help from hurl to produce Gao Bi of the well and big yield rice relief;Contrary, if right Low pressure also adopts anti- circulation to press combine method, will be little the P1 livinging bigger well bottom press.

easily result in to produce 1 F damage, even appear Press the phenomenon of leaking the geologic strata.Anti- circulation's pressing well has already expeled a liquid to flow time short, the ground increases quantity than the well liquid little, higher Pressure's limiting is taking care of an etc. advantage in pillar inner part. 2)Just and circularly press well Just and circularly press well is will press a well liquid to take over to flow to rest inside the well inside the well from the close relatives in the tube pillar, inside wreath form space ascension Circulating process to well door. The just circulating joy well then is applicable to low pressure and the wide quantity bigger Shan Shi.BE lining up a member under hundred million conditions, the house presses The well liquid is from the tube pillar inside pump a fashion, press the factory of well liquid to go current velocity quickly, follow the distance Mo Zu loss big, press to decline also and produce to the servant bottom greatly of return to press opposite smaller.So, for the low-pressure well, the adoption just and circularly presses a well method to not only attain to press Well purpose can also avoid pressing to leak geologic strata.

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