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Spherical BOP and Annular BOP

1 check whether BOP 3 years ago, overhauled, seal is in 3 years ago has replaced all of the.

2 in case of serious wear, spherical BOP to be disassembled and check the piston and the gland, the common case is to generate scratches on the shell and a piston spherical on BOP. Visual inspection is necessary, because the pressure test is not always detect such damage.

3 detection is installed in the closed end of the accumulator bottle (Huan Chongping), the pre charge pressure check (jack up platform precharge pressure is about 450psi, the pre charge pressure semi submersible platform needs about 450psi+0.445 * depth). Ensure that the buffer storage bottle is arranged in the position close to BOP. (line size should be 1 2in)

Spherical examination of the 4 BOP upper end cover flange connecting bolt and bolt hole case.

5 off spherical BOP time should not exceed 60s. (closed in pressure testing pipe)

6 check whether spherical BOP rubber core to restore its original size in 15min. If there is a problem with the through hole to gauge for path test.

The 7.BOP seal is within the year out tested (annual PM inspection work).

Sealing surface of flange under 8 check, if spherical BOP is not installed in the BOP group, then the connection part can not pressure test.

The minimum size of drill pipe is arranged in the annular BOP may use 9 during drilling operations, close Annular BOP so that the rubber core sealing drill pipe, the sealing rubber core inspection of spherical BOP, if in the closed rubber core show crack more serious, it should be replaced with new rubber core.

10 ensure that the leakage observation hole open, no clogging.

11 through holes used for compliance testing Annular BOP rubber core.

12 to ensure the connecting hose to spherical BOP has at least 1in inside diameter and 3000psi working pressure. (high pressure hose 1 2in diameter is the preferred control pipeline. Spherical BOP)

13.NDT check the lug and the shackle.

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