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1.the empty well press combine The reason that the occurrence overflows to flow is because rise drill the occurrence severely take out to draw, the geologic strata fluid gets into combine inside, or because of electricity While measuring to wait an empty well homework fix a well liquid over a long period of time hold still but is annoyed to invade, can not in time in addition to spirit result in. (1)Treatment:Empty the well occurrence overflow to flow, wood ability again chase tube pillar bottom go into well inside, should quick pass combine, record Close well pressure, then eject air inside the well with"physical volume method". (2)Principle:While controling a well pressure and keeping the premise of pressing the steady geologic strata, it is intermittent to let out to fix well of liquid, let Big however the spirit inflate to rise mouth of a well b in the well (3)Operation method:Making sure first set the set that presses to go up a value, is a set to press to rise to allow allowing is after pressing a value, Pass to reduce expenses Yan to let out to definitely fix a well liquid, then close well, close after the well air to continue to rise again, the set presses to again rise Gao lets out one fixing of fixed amount well liquid again. Repeat above-mentioned operation, until be full of to fix a well liquid inside the well. 2.fix a well liquid to spray empty of press a well method (1)Adopt "displacement method" to press well while having no pipeline or pipeline seldom inside the well, toward the strong line of pump inside the well go into definitely Measure of fixing and combining liquid, close well.Make the bottom sunk well bottom.unload again-'the mouth of a well pressure of fixed amount, its value should wait In sneak in to fix the pressure value that the well liquid increases. Repeat the above-mentioned operation, intermittent pump go into fix a well liquid.intermittent release pressure, can make to calm down inside the well hydraulic dint pursue Gradually increase, the mouth of a well pressure lowers gradually, the end builds up lately equilibrium o

(2)When pipeline inside the well was more(or in the well bottom), fix a well liquid to the strong line of infusion inside the well, and make it get into wreath Empty slowly build up liquid pillar of pressure.When fix a well liquid empty return in the wreath must be high, close a well set to press not and very Gao, can pass to reduce expenses valve to carry on circulation press well c 3.low set of press to combine a method Early want to use 1:Deliver the small Lan flows Li to close combine, if close well.the set press meeting exceed most the person allow a set to press, because of This can not close dead well, can mix to make at approach most the person allows the circumstance that 1 set presses to banish to spray under the Gu. 1)The situation that can not close well (1)The high pressure shallow stratum of air occurrence overflows to flow. (2)Set the tube is decayed blind side. (3)Discover to overflow to flow too late. 2)Press well principle The low set of ratio presses Fu be under the circumstance that advertises for ability complete righteousness not to shut, pass-the 1 y flow to buy a control set to press and make a meeting Press to be under the sistuation that exceeds extreme limit set joy carry on pressing well.The Xiao aggravates to fix a well liquid to get empty in the wreath up return certain Gao The llJJ male extreme limit set presses to try to go righteousness Shi inside the scope after the degree:Close and belong to, beg the righteousness well pipeline pressure the benefit press an outside liquid airtight Degree, then two press an outside with the normal regulations method. 3)The measure that reduce geologic strata to overflow to flow At low set of press well process of towel, i:The well bottom presses not capable Heng geologic strata of JJ pressure, geologic strata fluid still after Inside the continuous incursion well, increase the complexity that the factory presses well thus.reduce continuing of geologic strata fluid to invade for D, should: (1)The aggrandizement presses to be alongside of a luck, uj with make empty fluxion resistance of wreath the increment Be had a great achievement to enlarge well bottom to press JJ and repress And decrease the continuing of geologic strata fluid invade. (2)The exaltation follows an outside for the first time of pressed well liquid density, the V made the An rebuilt a Shi liquid into wreath empty empress, can a little bit quickly Increase the wreath gets empty of liquid pressure, lower a mouth of a well set to scold. (3)If the geologic strata breaks pressure is a minimum extreme limit pressure, the house overflows to flow after being taken over a set inside the tube, can Raise a mouth of a well set appropriately hall value.

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