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Ram BOP introduction:

Hydraulic ram BOP is an important part of well control device, has the characteristics of flexible switch, labor-saving operation, safe use, simple repair etc..

1, structural characteristics

(1) the structure characteristics of shell pictured above;

1) shape. General housing approximately square, the middle gate chamber of drill through the vertical through hole gate level movement.

2) connection. The upper part and the lower part has three types of connections: kind of silk connection, flange connection, clamp connection. The connecting flange, bolt, clamps, rim size performed according to API standards.

(2) the gate structure and the use of features: gate structure see chart.

Double flashboard gate, the following symmetry. Drilling of different sizes only need to replace the rubber seal ring and the ram pressure fast, half the remaining parts can be interchanged; single gate used can not be turned over for use; shear ram can cut off the wellhead drilling and closed wellhead sealing; reducing flashboard for use in different dimensions of the drill string and casing in a certain range.

(3) the gate sealing characteristics

Automatic sand cleaning gate floating gate and wells, the pressure to help seal, the gate of the automatic centering and self effect. Ram BOP sealing wellhead to also have around the seal effect, in order to achieve the effective seal well, namely: the gate at the top and sealing of the case, and the front end of tube seal gate, shell and the side door seal, piston rod and a side door seal.

(4) the gate locking device.

Manual locking device is on human rotating the handwheel off or lock gate. Use should pay attention to the manual locking device is used only to close the gate, can not open the gate. To open the gate after use must first manual locking device reset unlocking, and then open the gate of hydraulic.

2, use

Between the sleeve and the pipe can be closed in annular space, can fully closed wellhead. In the closed case, can be through the lower four or the shell side outlet pipeline is connected, the drilling fluid circulation, throttle blowout, well killing operations. In special circumstances, can cut off the drill to seal the well to. But hanging drill. Annular pipe column and a suite of different specifications of the use of variable bore ram can be closed in a range of.

The use requirements:

(1) the blowout available when fully enclosed ram BOP closed empty wells or drill for half sealed flashboard is closed and the gate of the same size. For a long time shut, manual locking gate and listing should be marked, so as to avoid misoperation. Locking handwheel shall not pull too tight, pull in place after the rotary 1/4-1/2 ring.

(2) prohibit the use of open the gate to drain the pressure inside the well, every time you open the gate before, should check the manual locking device is unlocked; open to check whether the open, not to stay in the middle position, to prevent the drill broken gate.

(3) to open or close the side door, should first leak control manifold pressure, in order to prevent damage to the hinge seat "O" ring. Side door not fully undo or bolt is not good, not for the hydraulic switch gate movement, so as not to hold the ring gate, gate shaft or a hinge. Not allowed to open at the same time two side door repair.

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