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Equipped with a gate locking device locking device in BOP should be closed and closed gate core cavity pressure release for pressure test of zero state. The ground BOP with manual locking screw, either clockwise or counterclockwise locking, shall ensure that the locking gate core, and, hand wheel and screw must be kept at easy operation state. For inspection, all locking device must perform a function test.

1 ensure that all leakage observation holes are open. If the leak observation hole is blocked, damaged the operation of hydraulic system will result in BOP. (References: APIRP53section18.2.1referstoSPE IADCfieldin-spectionarticlepage526section9)

BOP examination of the 2 anti H2S design meets the national America Corrosion Engineers Association (NACE) standard of March 1, 1975. Reference standard: (APIRP53section20.2.3)

3 check the gate core on both sides there is no deformation. (References: APIRP53section18.2.1referstoSPE IADCfieldinspectionarticlepage527section8)

BOP 4 to verify whether the structure meets the company's drilling program.

In the following 5 to verify whether shear plate has enough space to suspension of drill pipe joint. Whether the heightening type installed double gate BOP or double plate of conventional type

BOP. Reference standard: (TotalClt.CR-FPP-1605.5)

6 check suspension tools are available, using what specifications, whether the combination and placed readily available in derrick at. Reference standard: (APIRP53section18.5.7)

7 ensure that the screw oil gland bolts for side friction coefficient is correct (normal value 0.069). Reference standard: (APIspec6AannexD)

8 shear ram is installed large hydraulic cylinder and the auxiliary thrusters to shear, drill pipe (135 for a 8in size below the gate BOP).

BOP examination of the 9 body side door sealing surface corrosion pits, damage and smoothness. If the deformation is more than 0.010in (Shafer snow Foer) or 0.015 "(Hydril Headley, Cameron Cameroon), you need to trim. (References: CameronEBNo.463D, 10 a 91)

The extent of the damage inspection 10 side seal steel ring groove and pit corrosion condition. (References: APIRP53section18.2.1 (1997) referstoSPE a IADCfieldinspectionarticlepage526section5)

11 check the core cavity stretch marks and corrosion pit condition. (References: APIRP53section18.2.1 (1997) referstoSPE a IADCfieldinspectionarticlepage527section7)

BOP examination of the 12 gate core body of excessive wear and damage degree. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.2.1 (1997) referstoSPE IADCfieldinspectionarticlepage527section8

13 check all steel ring groove indentation or damage degree. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.2.1 (1997) referstoSPE IADCfieldin-spectionarticlepage526section2

Degree of tearing 14 check gate core rubber seal and harden degree. The maximum hardness should be 85 Scleroscope hardness. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.2.1 (1997) referstoSPE IADCfieldinspectionarticlepage527section8

15 check the door sealing condition, each time you open the side door, should replace the seal. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.2.1 (1997) referstoSPE IADCfieldinspectionarticlepage526section4

16 full set of functional test of BOP and the related equipment.

The relevant documents to prove 17 refer to shear ram shear capacity, ensure that it is suitable for the platform in the steel grade and weight of drill pipe. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.5.6

Closing time of 18 gate on the drill pipe should not exceed 45s. The reference standard: APISpec16Dsection5.2.1 (2005):

19 check the flange studs are elongated deformation. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.2.1referstoSPE IADCfieldinspectionarticlepage526section3.

20 check the screw is long enough, at least enough thread passes through the nut. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.2.1referstoSPE IADCfield


BOP examination of the 21 vertical hole keyway, measuring wear is more than 3 16in. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.2.1referstoSPE IADCfieldinspectionarticlepage526section1.

22 in the past 4 years, BOP is provided by the manufacturer after service, or by the API standard certification of repair units to provide services. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.10.3 (3-5yearly).

23 according to the following steps: check the gate operating piston rod piston rod and connecting parts extending operation with the gate core body, check whether the operation of piston rod head wear, crack and the operation of piston rod head at the same time, check the operating piston for longitudinal crack. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.2.1 (1997) referstoSPE IADCfieldinspectionarticlepage527section9

Degree of tearing 24 check gate core rubber seal and harden degree. The maximum hardness should be 85 Scleroscope hardness.

25 check the side seal status, problems such as cut marks, compared with new seal too harden, bending damage cracking, extrusion or other forms, should be replaced immediately. The reference standard: CIWEBNo.463D, 10 a 91

26 during the pressure test, the test can be joint locking system, is in the right close pressure close the gate core, locking device for the gate locked, and in the pressure test period will be shut in pressure leak (for a wedge type locking device, Cameroon snow Foer's hydraulic MPL type locking device Headley, or the manual locking systems are so).

27 BOP examination of the  body side door sealing surface corrosion pits, damage and flatness of the situation, if the deformation is more than 0.010in (snow Foer) or 0.015in (Headley, Cameroon), is in need of repair.

28 confirm the excessive corrosion is not the gate core rod seals launched to the outside retaining ring.

29 check the bolt and bolt hole has no threads and rough interlocking face. (References: APIRP53section18.2.1referstoSPE IADCfieldin-spectionarticlepage526section6)

30 to verify whether there are hydraulic torque tools, whether the use of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specializes in the manufacture of the supporting sleeve wrench, hydraulic tools, hydraulic wrench or a recognized tool. Reference standard: (PUWER98)

31 check the platform of rubber materials materials, retention time and manufacturers logo etc.. Reference standard: APIRP53section18.5.10.1

32 check the relevant certificate. The reference standard: APIRP53section18.13.2

33 If the use of zinc compounds, well bromide, then life expectancy gate core sealing and packing will be shortened to 50%, so reserve this case platform for such spare parts should be increased accordingly. The reference standard: HYDRILEB92004

34 high preload region and a side door bolts shall be conducted once every 4 years the NDT test.

35 low pre load region and a side door bolt should be a NDT test every year.

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