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In the middle of annoying well and high pressure, spirit oil than the well, every time press a well homework isn't isolated, but want to consider physically Circumstance, for example well tube and mouth of a well condition and is pressed extreme limit, combine inside the tube pillar, ground pipeline, and equipments ability...etc.* Be placed in a pass the well appearance mouth of a well pressure be usually placed in tallest of value, pumping to send pressure has to be higher than that value to force a liquid pump In the person well*under the majority of condition, the normal regulations illegitimate profit well presses a well method to also be applicable to spirit well and high pressure, Gao Qi You Compare well, dissimilarity of is annoy well and high pressure, Gao Qi You to need to use the big Class pump car than the well and even press crack car to carry on Press a well homework;And in order to pressing a well liquid to easily invade, need with it mutually adapts to of separate spirit and take off spirit measure.

The spirit invades strict Heavy of press the well liquid should consider that the usage eliminates a bubble in addition to annoy a technique.That technique contains simple operation, in addition to the spirit keeps a view and economize Expenses and characteristics of homework time are one of the effective measures that ensures to press well success. 1.just circulating method The recommendation just and circularly presses a well method is according to put the consideration of spraying the pipeline safety conjunction, certainly should also satisfying can be following The condition of circulation body. 1)Export a pipeline The conjunction that exports a pipeline carries on the important link that annoys well and high pressure, Gao Qi You to press a well homework than the well, with Connect a hard pipeline and even proper, each time 10 ms fix, double gateway the control export for the principle and recommend just and circularly to press well export The pipeline conjunction is: (1)Does the set take care of a gateway?Needle form Fujian province(reduce expenses valve)*hard pipeline, the exit lights fire.(2)In consideration of fixing well machine to drill a set base is limited, can not pack a pair of gatewaysOf circumstance, can also choose such as the recording of factory Connect a way; Does the set take care of a gateway?Hard pipeline(the 6 ms is or so) l needle form valve?(reduce expenses valve)Hard pipeline, the exit lights fire.

The length of hard pipeline is no less than a 50 Ms, the path is no smaller than a 62 Ms, for the spirit well of big discharge, recommend another Use a path to 100 an of putting and spraying pipeline.The main function of needle form valve(reduce expenses Yan) controls to press and have no needle form p (Reduce expenses valve), also the uT choose the set tube gateway of kit as to control to press by in a short time and put to spray an usage.Pack to spoil The purpose that puts to spray a gateway is once outside the gateway is damaged, the pJ gateway inside the close, replace an outside gateway, be unlikely country Control.Putting to spray a pipeline should is by rule to try to press qualified. Operating the procedure is:Try to press i to order to grow clear fire, all open a tube gateway inside the set'open a needle type Yan(reduce expenses valve or Xi The set takes care of a gateway), row spirit or control to press to carry on to just and circularly press a well homework. 2)Homework procedure (1)Control row spirit.The exclusion combines parts of high pressure air in the tube and make the well tube formed 1 briefly and mutually 3 Stabilize "low-pressure funnel area", this is advantageous to pressing well o (2)Control to press the circulating mat in great quantities insulates a liquid(general usage clear water) and separates spirit or takes off spirit, can also draw lessons from to take charge of 5 The method is used to insulate a liquid to carry on the first circulation. (3)Control to press a pump to go into the pressing of design density and amount well liquid, circulate to an import and export to press the well liquid density equality, J Not and outside overflow, complete to press a well homework.

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