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Overflow to flow.In the process of pressing a well construction in, the set takes care of the pressure quick Bu to rise to a 66 MPas and cause to reduce expenses a tube to remit and annoy 9 The soft tube that separates a machine conjunction bursts, causes wildfire and causes well u's losing control.Fire spreads to drill Taiwan, swim a car steel i The rope burns out, the big Jun swims a car to hit to break to drill on the stage to press a well pipeline, natural gas from drill to keep spraying to catch fire inside, the well is from the half month Medium burn an example, die 2 people, severely wounded many people.Rob insurance the work last Lang for sky, in delete to control on July 4, a year- Lin Fu Yi door the scholar well drags along whole his ship clam division City(the U well controls consciousness weak thin is the root reason that makes the trouble taken place, paralyze such as the thought, illegal operation, Yao Luckily mental, well control the degree don't carry out etc.. ①The mouth of a well discomfort packs to defend to spray a machine.Well[the wreath gearing defends to spray a machine mainly is know up of unilateral, think to the best Littlely the devotion equipments saves homework cost from the eyes e ⑨Think to is an old oil-field(or the geologic strata pressure is low), can't take place well to spray, have no call to gearing to defend to spray a machine. ②The well controls an equipments shortage, can promise particularly combine with special craft well. ④The well controls an installing of equipments and tries to press to not agree with to match a request. ⑥Defend to spray an equipments, the tool small kit, the equipments breaks down etc..The well controls to equip aging, throw a person shortage.Although near Two years, each unit enlarged the devotion that the well controls a material, but because the history owes Zhang too many, the well controls a material to still have a lot of Not agreeing with merger to control a prescriptive request is particularly the well F homework well to control an amortizing of material the expenses carry out not enough, the well controls Equip a circumstance opposite worse, even need to increase devotion to carry on renewal further. ⑥The grass-roots well bottom troops mansion nasty treatment contains not strong ability.The meeting an emergency of peacetime prepares a case to practice not firm, meet Arrive an urgent circumstance, fluster and don't masterly act, not ability the norm should be to the urgent circumstance. ⑦The grass-roots troops is particularly the well bottom troops well to control technical ability to satisfy well to control a safe request.Recent years The comer just breaks a layer, particularly is outside hire increasing of work and form some staffs of grass-roots brigades, technical personnel and post Operate personnel's well to control technique character, well to control the knowledge level low situation, the factitiousness results in of the trouble is more and more. ⑧Think well bottom the craft is simple, the work expects to be shorter and wears gearing to defend to spray a machine with water. ⑨Empty well time lead long, no man observes mouth of a well. ⑩Wash to combine ill success. Four can not discover in time that the Ai handles measure after flowing or discovers to overflow to flow not appropriate, if overflow to flow to press well process in the exclusion Medium the well resulting in spray to lose control o ⑩The regulation system is disfunctional or carries out the dint o is not ⑩The thermodynamic energy mines well because of note after the hot steam stuffy well time is short, rise a tube the pillar end infuse to fix a well liquid but take place and spray (Spew out hot steam)o (2)Rose tube pillar to once produce to greatly take out to draw dint.Rise the tube pillar speed over high creation of taking out and drawing dint lead person, particularly Have to control to up lift speed while being the tool(if seal to separate a machine etc.) that takes big diameter.

(3)Rise to take care of pillar not to infuse or don't infuse full fix well of liquid. (4)The oil layer set takes care of the influence of intact degree.The set takes care of some parts to decay serious or other reason to cause an anti- Press strength consumedly and descend etc..Take care of corrosion to cause such as the set of the shallow stratum of air part shallow layer spirit from decay output crack The place invades well, because of the spirit invade part Be near apart from the mouth of a well, liquid pillar the pressure is small and flee on the oil spirit of shallow layer the speed is soon, Is very short and then can arrive mouth of a well and make the person caught unprepared very easily.So, the well, corrosion that grows to time of production Severity and have the well of shallow stratum of air to want special treat. (5)The influence of design. ①The geology design project can not provide accurate geologic strata pressure data, make the thought pushed to haven't enough, guard against The measure doesn't carry out.Such as usage of fix a well liquid the density is lower than geologic strata pressure and cause the well tube Yi pillar the pressure don't can be equilibrium Geologic strata pressure causes geologic strata fluid's invading well. ②Unilateral emphasize to protect to park stratum of air but use in the construction design project of fix a well liquid the density be partial to small, cause well The tube liquid pillar pressure not ability equilibrium geologic strata pressure. ②Because of the mistake that the Chi quality, engineering designs, the relevant oil layer description parameter prohibits indeed, the well controls a design data not Accurate, make well bottom the construction takes to have-settle of blindness.

(6)Note water well not to stop to note or end decompression.Because the oil-field notes water after several years of development, the geologic strata pressure is already Isn't an original geologic strata pressure, particularly meet the high pressure closing area piece, its pressure is more usually consumedly high than original Geologic strata pressure.If the oil extraction factory considers crude oil yield, the real desire idea stops to close togetherly note water well, or stop to note but Don't leak to press.usually result in and spray the complicated trouble that etc. fixs a well homework. (7)Fix in the well liquid and mix oil to lead fortress or mix oil not and all/)J, result in liquid pillar the pressure is lower than a geologic strata hole pressure. 3.can not foresee of reason (U because the electricity measures to explain an etc. technique problem and results in an analytical mistake of data. (2)Fix well liquid under the influence of high pressure current of air, annoy to invade speed to speed, can not prevent measure and means from satisfying The geologic strata bursts the demand of variety. (3)The natural disaster waits for someone can not foresee of factor.Is huge, the precept is very deep.The rigorous fact invades people to control a work to the wellOf understanding just at gradually Deepen.

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