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Maintenance methods of ram BOP

Ram BOP is in use, should be the class action a gate, check the hydraulic control section. The conditional test pressure once every week,

Years of a major overhaul. After each wells should be cleaned, comprehensive examination, damaged parts should be replaced promptly, gate

The chamber and gate skin movement surface coated molybdenum disulfide grease, the threaded part of connecting bolt screw oil coated.

1) replace the gate sealing rubber core and repair

The gate sealing rubber core is a key element of the blowout preventer can play the role of sealing. Once it is damaged, does not seal well as blowout preventer

Use. Therefore, must ensure that it found intact, damage to the sealing surface, must be promptly replaced (gate rubber core is two-sided, on

Can be turned to use the damaged plane). For the rubber core comprises the following steps:

(1) remove the side door bolt.

(2) to rotate and open the side door, side door before the attention in the open, the gate should be in the fully open position. Otherwise, not the side door not

Is open, the piston rod so bad.

(3) hanging from the side gate assembly removed on the board.

(4) the damaged side down, undamaged side up, the installation sequence and open the reverse. If the two sides have worn out,

Remove the damaged rubber sealing semi ring, and installing a new. The installation sequence and open in the opposite.

2) repair replacing hydraulic hinge and sealing ring

(1) remove the fixed hydraulic hinge two inner six angle bolt.

(2) remove the hydraulic hinge.

(3) remove the hinge joints from the hydraulic hinge.

(4) remove the O shape from the joint sealing ring and replace.

(5) check the sealing surface and the O ring groove has no signs of damage, such as a repair. Contrary to the above order setup.

3) repair and replace the oil tank assembly

(1) must be installed on the gate, to prevent the piston rod to rotate.

(2) close the side door, and at least in the hinge seat opposite twisting a side door fixing bolt, the gate should be in the fully open position, unloading

Hydraulic drop to zero.

(3) remove the cylinder head fixing nut, remove the cylinder head.

(4) the dextral remove locking shaft, the thread is the sinistral trapezoidal buckle.

(5) remove the cylinder body.

(6) release piston lock nut in the anti loose screw.

(7) remove the piston lock cap, remove the piston.

(8) open the side door, removed the gate, pull out piston rod.

(9) remove the circlip, remove the piston rod sealing ring, remove the locking shaft sealing ring with the same method.

(10) check the position and treatment method after the demolition of the fuel tank: the liquid cylinder surface to produce longitudinal strain deep impression, even if the replacement

New piston ring, also cannot prevent internal leakage, you should replace the hydraulic cylinder new, if is linear and punctate superficial scar,

Can be very fine sandpaper and grinding whetstone. The piston rod sliding surfaces of longitudinal stretch marks, processing method with hydraulic cylinder. As the piston

Rod chrome, if the coating flaking, will produce serious leakage, so this should be removed from the old coating, re chrome or replacement

The piston rod of new. The sealing ring should be focused on checking my lips no damage, sealing friction surface has no wear of the situation, and then decide whether

Then. Check the O shape sealing ring has no unrecoverable deformation or extrusion injury, found the sealing element are worn or slight injury

When the best replaced with a new. The piston surface some wear, still in use without prejudice, however uneven wear depth in

0.2 ~ 0.3mm, it should be replaced with new piston.

Note: when installing the cylinder:

1. Check first workpiece without burrs, sharp edges, as should be removed, this can guarantee the sealing ring is not scraping lips

Injury. To keep the oil system cleaning, not into the sand and dirt.

2. Into the sealing ring, the surface should be coated with lubricating oil, the relative surface with oil.

3. Do not make a mistake seal lip direction, should make the lips open toward the sources of pressure side.

4. Pay attention not to make the sealing ring in a twisted state or by extrusion.

5. Note that the sealing ring can smoothly through the threaded part, do not scratch the ring body.

7. Rubber parts storage

(1) according to the time of purchase order number, followed by the use of general old new.

(2) must be stored in a dark and dry room, avoid close to the heating equipment and direct sunlight.

(3) rubber parts can not splash corrosive substances.

(4) rubber parts should be far away from the high voltage electrified equipment, because these devices may produce ozone will accelerate the aging of rubber parts.

(5) rubber parts should be stored in the relaxation of the free state, can not be distorted, extrusion and suspension.

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