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Installation steps of ram blowout preventer

(1) the use of ram BOP to have the person responsible, before use should carefully read the instructions for use, grasp their performance, node 1 structure, principle and the operation method and the matters needing attention.

(2) before the installation, should check the hydraulic control system of pipe rack, connecting pipeline, the pipe is smooth, the joint leaks, into, flowline is correct.

(3) the anti export shall be preventer good kill, the choke manifold, so as to timely various work well kick and blowout symptom.

(4) for the protection of the wellhead, no matter the BOP is fixed in the casing head flange, are not allowed to open at the same time two side doors, so as to avoid tipping.

(5) installation, attention should be paid to the ram BOP shell on the up arrow.

(6) should guarantee the sealing ring groove and a sealing cushion ring clean without damage, and oil to prevent rust, prohibited the cleaning cushion ring with a wire brush groove.

(7) to tighten the flange bolt force should be uniform, diagonally successively tightened bolts specifications cannot choose wrong, recommended bolt, nut torque table table.

(8) for the sake of safety, should put the manual control mechanism is arranged, fixed, and the handwheel Department listing indicate switch laps.

(9) the blowout preventer after installation, should carry on the sealing performance of hydraulic pressure test, the test pressure rated working pressure regulator 3min, allows the pressure drop is not more than 0.7 ~ 1MPa.

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