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In order to hard carry out the environmental protection work group discussion meeting of the farmland enterprise security of the group company oil spirit spirit, vigorously promote a sweet potato design(continuing education K or geology project)Medium the mansion provide outside body structure, taste the tube sodium class, thick wall, Chinese foot 4., The cement returns south and the farmland servant quality wrinkly etc. data and provides and produce:Property(oil, spirit and water) of cooking, this well or border on well for day The Fang geologic strata compares dint or original geologic strata from the dint, spirit continent compare, Ru water Ru vapor rn Ru water Ting vapor pressure in the district, and border on well ground The layer connects small hydrogen sulfide etc. of the circumstance, geologic strata fluid to have Chi to have a polite body to contain a member, and mixs Lun righteousness with well Lift Er c data ])Well the thin female reach a data The V well body that should include structure, fully thinking will take care of steel class, original wall and outside path and F Several combine segment, layer, the cement returns high and fierce well quality ascent etc. data. 2)The property of geologic strata fluid Outside produces to reside a fluid(Xiu, spirit and water) piece quality 3)Pressure data 4)Yield data Strict luck(the test produce:Member and absolute have no Zu flow through) 5)The homework well combines condition Try, fix, adopt an etc. circumstance, currently well factory condition(also the Gua cement fill or the bridge fill position and press well to draw function and Shan Doubly the steel class of Zuo, split thick and outside path, next deep, well next the tool name norm, the well next tube corrosion wear away)with mouth of a well Circumstance etc. data. 6)Border on a well circumstance Border on noting of well water or note spirit(vapor) well[the t is 6 dints, this well with border on well geologic strata to enter a circumstance, border on the fluid of well Property, yield, press a person's anti- line of idea to beat kiln spirit to rest etc. data.7)Artesian well circumstance The artesian well shows, the side record well data, half-way test and artesian well liquid parameter etc. data.

2.the risk hint (1)Design in the geology in mark and explain the well field is inside the around certain scope(contain hydrogen sulfide oil to annoy a farmland to explore to combine The FD surroundings 3 kms, produce a tidy surroundings the 2 km is inside the scope)of residents' residence, school and factory mineral(include to mine The mineral industry of the work Bu resources unit), national defense facilities, high pressure electric wire and water resources circumstance and direction of wind variety etc. 9 condition. (2)The underground takes care of a net etc. circumstance. (3)Excrescent high pressure etc. special circumstances o (4)The poisonous and harmful air hints:Inside this well or this structure district, the hydrogen sulfide waits poison harmful and gaseous 9 condition. :, The engineering establishes the well of juice to control a request The engineering design should provide recently the technique condition for taking care of of the well next geologic strata circumstance, set and check to drill when it's necessary tidy !, Artesian well liquid while making reference to artesian well density, definitely press the type, function of well liquid with press well to request etc., provide a construction The i dint parameter, mouth of a well gained by construction and well controls the pressure grade of equiping the combination.Lift this well not and border on well at living 'And help construction hydrogen sulfide to wait a poisonous and harmful air monitor circumstance. (1)The circumstance in the well field around certain scope that the engineering design should provide according to the geology design, the establishment prepares >Measure. (2)The geologic strata pressure that provides according to the geology design predicts the tallest pass in mouth of a well well pressure. (3)The density design of pressing the well liquid should design according to the geology with the tallest geologic strata pressure equivalent density of homework layer The i is a basis, another add a safe and additional value to make sure to press a well liquid of density.

The additional value pJ chooses the following method The i settles: ①Illegitimate profit well is 0.05.O.10 gs/em.. ②Annoy the well as o.07.O.158/cm 3.(the well with the hydrogen sulfide etc. poisonous and harmful air takes the tallest value) Should consider while concretely choosing;Artesian well liquid for the geologic strata pressure size, oil to annoys the depth, artesian well of burying of water layer The g degree, well controls a device, set to take care of inside strength and well and take care of pillar structure etc.. (4)The parameter that designs according to the geology, definitely press the type, density, function and back up of well liquid quantity and press well to want Z etc.. (5)The well needed by construction controls to equip pressure grade and combination form sketch map and see equipments part relevant The l permits;Should put forward oil extraction(spirit) mouth of a well to equip and installing of ground process and try to press to request etc..(6)Design in, not the Nuo want to install to press well with reduce expensesThe tube orders:Carry on well'r homework of.should definitely request ladys' wear Simple press well with put f to defend)spray a pipeline, it the path small D 50 mms, see the equipments part containing righteousness memory. (7)The engineering design should carry on an oil layer set tube the pressure control a design. ①The safety for taking care of of examination and evaluation set, makes sure that the set tube of one front of door can carry on follow-up of combine bottom construction Homework. ⑦The oil layer the set control system establishes a L1 mansion to include but not the sun J following contents:Clear water biggest fish out depth, pure Natural gas lowest set of press, clear water the tallest set press and purely big however annoy the tallest set press etc.. (8)Work:The distance establishes 11 win election to choose of the homework tube pillar should satisfy son to mix of will. (9)The risk hint that designs towel hydrogen sulfide to wait to have intention to harmful air according to the geology.the establishment correspond of defend him Request.

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