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Drill bit downhole for a certain time, the blade blade blade smaller, shorter, blunt, the ability to crush the rock will be weakened, the progress slowed; roller bit erosion due to tooth wear, bearing damage, will cause the cone Rotation is not flexible or stuck stuck to the wheel so that the torque increases, if not promptly out of the tooth roller accident will occur; diamond drill bit is due to formation heterogeneity caused by the drill bit diamond composite crack, break, fall , The same slow drilling footage. In order to speed up the drilling of the whole well, it is necessary to replace the used drill bit in time and the drill bit is down several hundred meters to several thousand meters. How can drilling workers replace the drill bit?

When drilling, the power of the drill drives the turntable, the kelly, the drill rod and the drill bit to rotate, and observes the working condition of the downhole drill bit through the meter on the ground of the drill rig. After judging synthetically, if the drill bit is considered worn, drill. After the drilling is stopped, the drilling fluid circulation should be maintained for a period of time. The purpose is to adjust the performance of the drilling fluid and bring the debris suspended in the drilling fluid out of the ground. The circulation keeps the new shaft wall of the well well stable, Routine inspection of drilling equipment is required. Drilling workers use the overhead traveling crane, traveling tackle and hook to lift all the drilling tools out of the well according to the height of the derrick according to the column (usually composed of two or three drill rods). Drill column after the column was discharged in sequence within the derrick, the proposed underground drill string at the same time, we should use the drilling pump constantly perforating the annular space drilling fluid, the purpose is to maintain the wellbore level does not drop, so that the wellbore Pressure balances formation pressure to prevent collapse of the borehole wall or fluid in the downhole formation into the wellbore. At the same time, pay special attention to sticking which may occur due to shaft lining shrinkage. The operator should strictly control the speed of ascension. After all the drill pipes and collars in the wellbore have been ejected, the drill bits to be replaced will also be launched at the same time. After the workers remove the old drill bits and install the new drill bit, they will resume drilling according to the order of the original columns .

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