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How to operate ram BOP

Ram BOP is installed on the wellhead, in not before operation, check the following, that no problem when Kecao


(1) check the loading gate specification is used and the specification is consistent.

(2) check whether the oil pipeline and marked the blowout preventer open, off the oil export agreement, and may be used by the console to ~ 2MPa

Pressure control of 3MPa moves one time, such as the gate switching action and the control handle to position indication is not at the same time, should replace the connection

Pipeline, keep consistent.

(3) check the manual mechanism, should be in the unlocked position.

(4) to check whether the connecting bolts have been tightened.

(5) check the manual rod close the gate is flexible and easy to use, and note when the hand wheel rotation laps shut in the well, try after the hand wheel should be left

Screw back, and then open the gate for hydraulic.

(6) two check sealing grease are fitted.

(7) contained the gate in the well site should have at least a pair of standby, once installed the gate can be timely replacement of damaged.

(8) the handwheel to close the gate should be paid attention to when the handwheel is sealed well, right-hand gate. The manual mechanism can only close the gate, can not open

The gate. To the gate to open has been manually locking, must use the hydraulic pressure to realize and should follow the following procedures: rotate left hands

Round until the end, and then reverse back to 1 / 8 to 1 / 4 ring, to prevent the change of the temperature of the locking shaft is stuck in the unlocked position; use

Hydraulic open gate; with manual mechanism to close the gate when the control handle on the console must be placed in the closed position, and the locking

In the console listing description.

Note: only the gate shaft leakage serious when, can press the plastic sealing grease two times seal.

(9) is screwed into the two sealing plug should be appropriate, as long as the check leakage can be so as to avoid the friction is too large, affecting the gate service life.

Life. Also, you should replace the sealing ring immediately a chance, do not depend on two seal, it can only play the role of emergency.

(10) do not allow the use of switching the BOP approach to relief, so as not to damage the rubber core.

(11) not to tighten the side door bolt, no side door opening and closing the gate in the side door bolts not tightened under conditions of action,

So as not to damage the gate, the gate shaft or a hinge.

(12) after using the blowout preventer, the gate should be in the open position, in order to check.

(13) into the objective layer, every day should switch gate again, check its movement is flexible, each up after drilling, but also

Should do a complete sealed flashboard.

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