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The service life of a pipe is generally several decades, so it must be ensured that the pipe is effectively protected throughout its life. The integrity of the coating and the proper operation of the cathodic protection system are key to the long-term effectiveness of corrosion control. First of all, according to the specific use of the environment, the correct choice of coating species and coating structure; followed by the product quality assurance and good coating construction; In addition by regular testing of the coating and broken, peeling, peeling coating The corresponding repair or update, but also to maintain the integrity of the coating indispensable.

If the overall performance of the coating decline, we must consider the anti-corrosion overhaul, replace the new coating. Regularly test the performance of anti-corrosion coating and the effect of cathodic protection system. If problems are found, timely measures should be taken to repair or renew the corrosion protection system to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the corrosion control system. In short, maintaining the integrity of the coating and ensuring that the cathodic protection meets the standard requires continuous and effective protection of buried pipelines from corrosion damage.

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