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Structure: shaffer type; cameron type.
Users can choose internal manual locking, external manual locking and hydraulic automatic locking three kinds of ram shaft locking method.
In addition to being able to assemble general-purpose pipe rams and fully-sealed rams, it is possible to assemble variable-diameter rams and shear rams without changing any structure.
The side door and the housing do not need to be equipped, and the structure can compensate for certain errors, which brings great convenience for future repairs and maintenance.
Both sides of the housing are equipped with side outlets. It can be used flexibly by users in the field.
The side door and the shell adopt pressure self-sealing sealing mechanism, and the side door bolt does not need excessive pretightening force to ensure the reliability of the sealing.
Four suspension columns are installed on the shell to facilitate lifting and handling.
The ram shaft seal adopts a new type of combined seal to ensure the reliability of the seal under high pressure.
Flange seal ring groove are surfacing stainless steel corrosion resistant alloys.

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