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Over the past decades, the oil and gas community has taken various measures to minimize the amount of wastes generated from drilling to better protect the environment and public safety. Drilling operators use environmentally-friendly, three-level waste management to process drilling waste: In the first phase, operators adjust the drilling process or replace the appropriate drilling fluid to minimize the amount of waste generated during drilling. This will not only reduce the cost of sewage treatment for operators, but also be more conducive to environmental protection. In the second stage, drilling waste, which has been minimized, is recycled as much as possible. The third level, through a legitimate way to deal with the drilling waste can not be recycled.

Disposal of offshore drilling waste is limited to discharge, backfill or ship back to shore. In contrast, land-based operators have a greater range of options when dealing with drilling contaminants. Landshore drilling waste is usually disposed of in situ; on offshore platforms most of the water-based mud and cuttings and synthetic base fluids and drill cuttings are poured into the sea; some onshore drilling waste is shipped outside the wellsite Sex waste disposal sites; Offshore oil-based muds and cuttings must be shipped back to shore or re-injected underground to the site at the wellsite.

When possible, reuse as much oil-based mud and water-based mud as you can to minimize the amount of drilling waste. Most drill cuttings are disposed of, and some of the drill cuttings are used as a cover for the backfill of the contaminants after they are removed. Conventional onshore drilling waste is treated by first pumping the liquid portion of the mud pool and then burying or dispersing the remaining solid material in the field. Another approach is to inject mud cuttings back into the formation. It can be re-injected through the annulus of the drilling well or injected into a special injection well of a certain port.

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