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Drilling safety technical measures to open oil and gas reservoirs

Drilling technical measures to open oil and gas reservoir is the maintenance of the bottom hole pressure balance, as soon as possible overflow display formulated as focus, the main contents are as follows:

(1) to strengthen the stratigraphic correlation, timely put forward geological prediction, especially the upper abnormally high formation pressure of caprock to seek accurate prediction.

(2) by DC index, gas logging data on the abnormal formation pressure while drilling monitoring, comprehensive comparison and analysis of data, in order to improve the accuracy of formation pressure monitoring.

(3) before entering the expected oil gas water layers, adjusting drilling fluid performance, adjust good empress again to continue drilling, some display so as to avoid adjusting drilling fluid performance and conceal the overflow.

(4) according to the site of the well control equipment supporting, well control technology level, wellbore structure, strata formation fluid characteristics of several provisions, the maximum permissible overflow traffic, generally not more than 2 ~ 3m3.

(5) after the drilling in hydrocarbon reservoir of tripping operation, must be short tripping. To the oil and gas layer on 200m drilling speed should be kept under strict control from the bottom of a well. In accordance with the provisions of the filling of drilling fluid and check perfusion, recorded when out of the hole in a timely manner to the drill, the repair of the equipment should be drilling down into the casing shoe.

(6) after the drilling in hydrocarbon reservoir in well site to avoid use electric welding. If you must use, must apply for approval, and take corresponding measures for fire safety.

(7) the electric test before the well must be normal. Electrical measurement period shall prepare a root with a drill or drill safety valve back pressure valve of drill pipe, to prepare the abnormality in well forced human, control the wellhead. Drilling in hydrocarbon reservoir due to sticking to bubble oil, mixed oil or because of other reasons to adjust the density of drilling fluid, the liquid column pressure shall not be less than the formation pressure.

(8) if the wellhead blowout out of control, should close the diesel engine and the wellsite, drill floor and room all the lights, immediately open fire warning searchlights, extinction of organization, as soon as possible by the water filling pipe line to the injection of fire.

(9) the wellbore to smooth, prevent pull suction piston cause blowout. Open the pump to smoothly, by the small displacement increases gradually, its formation to prevent leakage.

(10) if they open oil and gas in well leakage had occurred, should immediately stop the cycle, intermittent timing quantitative reverse charging drilling fluid to reduce the leakage velocity, maintain a certain level, keep the pressure between the borehole and formation of equilibrium, and then implement plugging, then according to the situation in the well balance of reconstruction or first completion.

(11) in order to prevent wellbore safety, large section of well kick or pump blocking blocking leakage formation, drill drill should be segmented and pump circulating demulsification. It is strictly prohibited to a drill down exactly, especially not a long cycle of deep well.

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