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Design preventer for hydraulic opening and closing the U-type BOP, and can conveniently replace gate.
Control system provide the closing pressure for the closure of ram, but also can be used to open the cover. Is used to open the cover, control system of closed pressure gate is closed, dismantle the end cover bolt, the end cover is opened by the pressure control system. In the end cover is completely opened, the gate can be removed from the body. For threaded mounting catches at the top of each gate has, can be equipped with suspension, in order to gate hanging out.
Control system provide the opening pressure is used to open the ram, but also can be used for the closed end cap. For the closure of the end cover, control system of the gate open opening pressure. At the gate after the replacement, the control system of the opening pressure of the closed end cap. The blowout preventer at the gate into the front gate is pulled out, first near the end cap. This ensures that the gate not to obstruct the vertical through holes in the blowout preventer, avoid and well drill pipe friction. In the end cover is completely closed, the installation end cover bolt solid.

the U-type BOP

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