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Combined rubber core Annular BOP.

Composition: it is composed of two layers of adhesive glue heart heart.

The glue in the heart: contains support rib, rib along the circumferential tangential, the lower end of the supporting ribs close together.

External rubber heart: a rubber parts, without supporting ribs, and rubber is soft.

Well sealing action: well sealing, piston moves upward under the action of the oil pressure, rely on the push press outer rubber core, forcing them into the center of the glue in the heart, the extruded glue in the heart center fold deformation and supporting bar rotation angle and center translation, corresponding to the glue in the heart to heart agglomeration, in rubber in order to achieve a well.

Wells: Well, the piston moves down, the heart to rely on their own inner and outer rubber elastic recovery well open state

Note: well sealing, external rubber heart although large deformation, but its role is transferring pressure without moving.

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