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Characteristics of anti pressure test blowout preventer system 

Introduction and principle: the blowout preventer is installed in the oil drilling, wellhead casing head, to the blowout preventer control high pressure oil, gas, water. In the wells in the oil and gas pressure is high, the blowout preventer wellhead closed to, from the drill rod is pressed into the heavy mud, the gate has four links, can replace gas mud, increasing the liquid column pressure inside the well, with the high pressure oil and gas discharge, safe sealing wellhead blowout device to prevent the oil field. Used for testing, workover, well completion in operations of closed wellhead, prevent blowout accident occurred, will be closed and semi closed two functions into one.

Blowout preventer pressure test system is an important equipment to detect wellhead blowout preventer performance, using water or oil as the test medium. Features: it can achieve different levels of pressure water test 35MPa-280MPa. The whole testing process and computer automatic control, experimental set-up and operation of all can be finished in automatic control, can also manually remote control alone various valves, to realize the full range of pressure test of unmanned site. Automatic generation of pressure, time curve, real-time display, and a variety of data storage, ready to be printed in English inspection report. The test object is all-around monitoring, the whole process of disk video data compression. Automatic pressure relief and manual unloading double pressure relief device, more safe and reliable. Complete sets of equipment, mature technology. Electrical control part follows the electrical appliances industry standards, using well-known brands in industrial control computer and data acquisition card, control, stable performance, reliable data.

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