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Defending to spray a drill should aim at different work The condition carries on, also lay particular emphasis on.BE there being the region of "three Gaos"s oiling spirit well, constucting the square should organize to carry on Qi ground allied move Of mansion Lei but treasure practice Hui to allow not small do one rank.2.control the dissimilarity of work job according to the well, put forward different well to control a training request Basis relevant stipulate, to the well bottom relevant spot operation, production control, engineering technique and mutually English profession Waiting for someone the member have to after well control a training attain to hold Gang of certificate, obtain evidence and change the training of certificate should in the Chinese petroleum big However spirit group the company approve of the well control training unit to carry on.The well controls a training to request to be divided into 5 types: (1)To the training of the spot operation personnel, particularly is the main reason that controls to overflow to flow a creation and suggest, and ability Discover to overflow to flow in time, press pass well to operate procedure to quickly close well in time;Close the ability after well accurate beg to take, record the pipeline press The dint, set takes care of pressure and fixs a well liquid density and overflow discharge;Masterly control and control the gearing, usage of material, support and protect Keep and pack homework in the well door quickly;Masterly control various work condition under of closing and combining procedure and post job;Control HsE Manage the protection knowledge of knowledge and hydrogen sulfide.

(2)To the training of production control personnel.particularly control 《Chinese petroleum natural gas group company petroleum and sky However spirit well bottom the well control rules 》with this oil petroleum and natural gas just also descended a homework and controled an ordinance 》;Control state s[checklist 》is all to combineControl the contents of square regiment;The well-trained written evidence Jie controls the Pei standard of Anne of equipments, various]:OL Bottom of pass well procedure.will spray a drill to carry on a comment towards defending;Learn to get HsE a tube period knowledge and hydrogen sulfide of protection knowledge c (3)To the training of professional technical personnel, particularly control 《the Chinese petroleum natural gas gather to shut the company heart oil and others However spirit combine F homework the well control rules 》with this oil 《petroleum and work however spirit well r the homework also control an ordinance 》;Zhang Hold 《check almond person of Hsx 》 the well mix into the memory of noodles;It's difficult and various to masterly control the ladys' wear that the well controls an equipments to mark Under the work condition of pass well procedure and post job, will spray a drill to carry on a comment towards defending;The Gan catches HR[subsidize knowledge and The protection knowledge of the hydrogen sulfide, the Gan catches to pack to combine the Chuan It well quickly a homework. (4)To the training of the spot attendant, jade from learn to catch to account the structure of controling the equipments, chopped at first, ladys' wear, adjusted to try, The maintenance maintains, examines, breaks down judgment and exclusion etc.;The well-trained Zhang basic oil 《petroleum and natural gas well bottom The well controls an ordinance 》the small righteousness J well control the standard gearing of equipments;Learn to catch to contain a vulcanized oxygen region to account Anne who control the equipments Pack and choosing of material mark difficult. (5)Village mutually the father technical personnel's training, go to order a Zhang root 《small country petroleum work however spirit the group is male d petroleum Shao big However the spirit accounted a homework to rush toward to control rules 》and this Xun the village Shan just enlarged however annoyed well a bottom to make, the rk well controled an ordinance 》;Zhang Hold the concept and its Xi small relation of various pressure and overflow to flow plentifully to play the protection knowledge of reason, hydrogen sulfide;Well-trained Zhang Hold special circumstances under of pass well procedure and treatment. Cave and perfect management system strengthens management and direct (1)Set up to guard Anne, each produce[:Make a joint sitting meeting system.A time the management(investigate to explore) bureau and Shan annoy Chuan companies and set up Sign two classes safe cows in the bureau to produce:Work joint sitting meeting system, periodically convene a meeting, strengthen work coordination, totally ask a research Combined the place in time yellow safe concealed loyalty benefit to rush toward a complicated circumstance.

(2)Be practical for D to rush toward"two still" to control Anne umbrella measure the joys arrives solid place, in the budget small request for pressing a designing The reasonable arrangement rushes toward to control Anne budget, in [the L4 guarantee well control Anne the devotion of the measure funds. (3)A time the Shan annoy the technique of a Qi, Lk negative pretty person's mansion be responsible for the well of total bottom homework to control a technique tube completely the row absorb Cuo The research drawing up of strengthens the technocracy that the well presses each wreath 1 y from the design beginning. (4)The over Lei designs of establishment, city pit and approval system. ①Designing the academic degree has to have to establish to beg for natural intelligence, being engaged in the AN of "4 Gaos"s well design has to have currency class ;O servant your people ⑧'s a Dian 7 the ground anti- design cypress work kind opening designs, the blood submits ten thousand anti- industries that the dozen corresponds goods to design to finish Or the section carry on a design.Designing person's shell should have the spot D to make experience and correspond a professional small technique title and establish Account to examine a talented person should have to correspond particularly servant of deluxe technique title, designing should inside the square of construction correspond reason department in the profession line The total work segment of the door teacher or technique the supervisor lead to criticize difficult;Pure wax, blunt the sand, and check pump...etc. simple normal regulations is small to fix an establishing of homework Account, examine Shao to grant 1 to do to submit a body request. ③The geology design of high pressure, the Shan spirit well of Gao Han Liu with[distance design, should be medium to have professional design unit or section that correspond the natural intelligence to carry on a design.Designing the personnel should have the spot working experience and correspond professional high class Technique title, design should from have to correspond profession a professor class technique title or this business enterprise class above technique expert Examine, establish the Z agreeable to constuct square total engineer or technique supervisor leadership approval.The high Wei region oil annoys the geology of well Design with engineering design, examine is annoyed a farmland by each oil with approval to do to submit a body request. ④Combine homework 1:Design, should from provide ministrant unit to design to carry on with engineering design according to the geology Write, examine and grant, the natural intelligence of its related personnel's accordinging to the above-mentioned ⑧ and ② is two request performances.

(5)Construction homework the spot should basis different contract for a way, is had natural intelligence of correspond by responsibility what square stationed The profession inspects a personnel and designs according to the geology, engineering design and construction design, to the spot start construction the homework well control with Anne The pass short links, such as work preface and key technique...etc. of whole aspectses carries on the spot direct and check.High pressure, Gao Han Liu's oil annoys The well construction should station direct personnel's whole distanceseses to carry on the spot direct. (6)Building up is sound and control reason system and also spray a trouble responsibility to pursue system.Each oil(spirit) farmlandses all want Perfect from management layer arrive an operation post of also control reason system, explicit all levels and each post to also control a responsibility, periodical Develop an activity, originally but to already the also spraying of the occurrence carry on a responsibility to pursue, but see to"three disobey" behavior with various Important well's controling damages all should presses the principle of "four doesn't pass" to carry on a processing. (7)The processing legal power of complicated circumstance under explicit engineering trouble and well forbids more a power processing.Each unit wants Draw up a concrete management way, definitely define Class and homologous processing legal power and rules of trouble and complicated circumstance Then, avoid making trouble to complicate.To the graveness start construction and key technique craft link, relevant upper grade unit and department The degree that should descend trouble and complicated circumstance according to the well in the door, the arrangement corresponds the production of ability;The technical personnel on the spot points Lead, promise to provide necessity and effective technique to the spot work to prop up.

(8)Build up an unifying of complicated circumstance and trouble processing coordination system, work procedure and technique support with definitely Expert's troops of plan.While handling well under the complicated circumstance and the trouble, is called by the square of construction, serve a square with related The expert takes part in, common analysis and research counterplan, unify organization, divide the work cooperation.close match.(1)The well corpse homework craft is an oil-field to mine a craftThe importance constitutes part, is develop petroleum and natural gas Of a main technique means.Along with the world oil, annoy a farmland development and craft technical progress, and bottom work The skill also gradually develops and perfect.(2)Zf Shan and natural gas adopt out through the oil spirit well Shi, however once adopted cluster in the rising of long time small, J;The geology, engineering benefits other people for the influence of the H vegetable, the oil spirit well will appear different degree, don't ask the question of type and Break down.If these breakdowns can not get to handle in time, 44 only influence stone continent and big however annoy of mine, will also copy Ring a lake to annoy an adopting of farmland to accept a rate, lower an oil-field development economic effect.N this, have to to produce:The Shan of small past Mou annoys The servant adopts to fittingly maintain measure and expels a past.

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