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BOP overview
Blow-out preventer (BOP)
The blowout preventer is used to close the wellhead oil test, workover, well completion and operation process, prevent blowout accident occurred, will be closed and semi closed two functions into one, has the advantages of simple structure, easy operation, high pressure resistance and other characteristics, is used in preventing blowout safety seal wellhead device.
Oil drilling, installed on the wellhead casing head, to the blowout preventer control high pressure oil, gas, water. In the wells in the oil and gas pressure is high, the blowout preventer wellhead closed (to Guan Si). From the drill rod is pressed into the heavy mud, the gate has four links, can replace gas mud, increasing the liquid column pressure inside the well, with the high pressure oil and gas jet.
The types of common BOP, BOP and the universal rotating blowout preventer. [1] universal blowout preventer can be initiated in case of emergency, drilling tool to cope with any size and empty wells; rotating blowout preventer can be realized while the spraying drilling operation. In the deep well drilling are often in addition to the two common BOP, coupled with the universal BOP, BOP, make three or four combinations mounted on the head. [2] annular BOP
Annular Blowout Preventer is usually a large gate of ram blowout preventer, the operation will form a sealed annular space between the string and well bore, in the well pipe string under you, also can complete the sealing well alone, but the use of several times can not, and does not allow long-term shut in well the use of.
The 2 main criteria
5053.2-2007 drilling control system equipment specification and shunt device control SY/T 5053.1 -2000 BOP BOP SY/T and control device
SY/T 6160-2008 prevention inspection and repair preventer

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