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BOP operation steps

1 combination scheme

The BOP group consists of four links, RAM BOP and ring BOP composition, base on casing head 'because of the different combination way,

The degree of perfection of its function is also different in the.BOP group function should be: to seal air well, to seal the Kelly, drill pipe, can have the pressure in the well

The BOP core force under the condition of the replacement of damaged, can be recycled slurry and pressure well, blowout. BOP group in the lower, that is close to the set

Pipe head, a pipe ram should be BOP, as emergency spare parts, is only used when the above BOP damage of well shut in by.

Should not be used on a regular basis. Should not be used for casing head side hole well control operations, because if damaged, will cause the whole well out of control should be festival.

Flow line and kill line through a four through the side hole is connected, the combination scheme of concrete, so it should be chosen according to the pressure inside the well, see Appendix two figure 5 to figure 13 a,

2 the use of

The current general domestic use combination scheme with a 9. Sichuan area because of high gas, using two four. Four choke line, see figure 19,

The current difficulties is one of the rig substructure is not high enough, had to use the park well, to use the inconvenience of installation.

The selection of 3 diameter, working pressure

The people think crew should be fixed equipped with a large diameter, high working pressure of BOP, can also adapt to the Asakai on the large diameter, high pressure requirement of drilling period, so can reduce the whole oilfield equipment sets, exempt the spud before replacement BOP trouble, and reduce the wear of BOP inner diameter part.

The advocate according to the spud in required minimum diameter, minimum working pressure with. In this way, the deployment of the use to be troublesome, but the total investment will be saved.

4 wear

BOP has been used for a long time, the inner diameter portion will be serious wear. Wear prevention sleeve should be added to prevent this from happening, see figure 3-1. Wear prevention sleeve should be fixed, to prevent the well PA at washed up, prevent close BOP

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