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BOP is used to test oil , workover , well completion and other operations closed during the wellhead , blowout prevention of accidents , the full closure and semi-closed two functions into one, has a simple structure , easy operation , high voltage and other characteristics , is commonly used to prevent oil blowout safety seal wellhead .
When oil drilling, installation of the wellhead casing head, used to control the high pressure oil , gas , water blowout devices. When the high pressure oil and gas wells , wellhead blowout preventer can be closed ( shut ) . Pressed into the drill string from the mud weight , the four-way gate which can replace the mud invasion disappointment , the well fluid column increased pressure to suppress the high-pressure gas discharge .
Its common type of BOP , BOP universal and rotary blowout preventer . [ 1 ] Universal BOP can start in an emergency situation , to cope with any size drill and empty wells ; rotating BOP is achievable side spray while drilling operations. Often in deep drilling is in addition to two general BOP outside , plus the universal BOP, BOP rotation , so that a combination of three or four mounted on the wellhead . [ 2 ] annular BOP
Annular Blowout Preventer usually equipped with a large ram -type blowout preventer gate , when the operation will be formed between the string and the wellbore a sealed annular space in the well under the circumstances string baa there , plugging can be completed alone , but use several times to die, and does not allow the use of long-term shut-in .
Two main criteria
SY / T 5053.1 -2000 BOP and BOP control device SY / T 5053.2-2007 drilling wellhead control equipment and shunt device control system specification
SY / T 6160-2008 BOP inspection and maintenance

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