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owded note a method Be applicable to the well that can not use a normal regulations method to carry on circulation to press well.If take care of pillar and month in the well next condition, well The noodles equipments can bear to close well pressure and the additional pressure exerted, then can design by appropriate speed pump person airtight 6 Of press a well liquid to suppress well.Crowded the period noting a method to press a well homework is longer, to well tube, well u and equipments ability 5 Beg Gao, expand to press a well liquid spirit to easily invade for a long time. If the mouth of a well appears super press, then should at crowded before noting, the adoption infuses to note to press combine the method of liquid and row spirit to decline d Mouth of a well pressure.Press combine liquid pump person well tube after, let to press combine the liquid descend in the well tube, this needs several minutes to 4 Hour.If infused to note the work of pressing the well liquid don't work well, many circumstances that originally could control will turn into) The well sprays. The general homework procedure is:The anti- crowded insulation liquid d presses a well liquid a tube gateway The liquid i pass pipeline gateway i expands to press the d activity tube pillar i to wash combine. 3.anti- circulation just crowded method The circulation that compares well to the spirit well and the high pressure, Gao Qi You wants to control to press to press a well homework.

At start construction the spot female It is a more tedious work to press and not only need an accurate calculation, but also need to operate technique and experience on the scene The circulation of fluid flows and has one to the high pressure lake spirit in the oil stratum of air to take pressure, is up return to press a well liquid easy'one of the reason for invading. The anti- circulation small crowded method claw well is to control to press anti- circulation to press a well liquid to press well to take care of a plain pin, ensure a wreath form to get empty Inside of press a well liquid intact.the Ran is squeezing a Shi liquid to the design well segment, pass well, the Nu presses and wash combine.At anti- circulation and BE squeezing combine before the liquid, all the mat insulate a liquid to separate spirit. Should press a well method to avoid combine the bottom take violating of the pressure Liu Ya Jing's liquid, success rate to. Two, special circumstances l(of press to combine (1)The partial aim changes to press a well method.BE also comparing a well liquid to need to be aggravated inside the tube, but[the spot didn't add more Xing or add Weigh the circumstance of equipments under, the partial quantity changes several pressing of layers liquid pillar pressures that the well methods are a kind of rapid establishment son to combine well Go into a method.Its characteristics is to don't eliminate into f Dian the n to press the operation of well liquid. circularly press a well liquid not and can immediately chase well for longer than a week Press an official, the 1 y invited J:Time and expenses, starting construction the safety is simple, the speed is quick.But don't sign Lin Ya JJ at the high pressure liquid The lower part Jf low pressure leaks the homework in the well of losing the layer. L:The Qi principle is:Make sure to add according to pressing to combine geologic strata pressure and the fluid density in the original well tube in purpose Go into Gao Peng Du to scold a well liquid amount, just and circularly infuse into density to still press a Shi liquid, take over original low density to press well thick, go to tube Ning Inside and wreath form in the center inside the high definition press a well liquid but even formed in the well tube like this together- partial high pressure combine Segment, after making to press a well purpose is established a liquid pillar of request compare person, attain to press a well purpose. (2)Have no tube in the well pillar or take care of busy seldom of should as far as possible make use of well to spray cleft under the circumstance, use to defend to spray an equipments Carry on strong line of r to drill.Xiao tube pillar Bu person, Gao Chi, reside behind again press well"or install the Lun don't press well Zhao Bu estimate Pack quantity, the person of Ran Bu seals to separate a machine and presses well after isolating current of air. (3)When the mouth of a well goes into control equipments(defend to spray machine system), the mansion makes use of time strong line of Anne whom the well sprays cleft to lack Control an equipments, noticing to open will take care of pupils of same master, the jet fluid derivation well field.

again press well, can also need not mouth of a well control Make an equipments(defend to spray a machine etc.) to directly press well, but this kind of presses well and has no command over to press and usually delivers while finishing pressing well'1: The card estimates. (4)In the old Shan m, the old area piece is souther than the jailbird of oil notes water(note a vapor) after several years of development, the ground resides joy dint Si Isn't an original geologic strata pressure, particularly meet white to press to close an area piece, its pressure is usually higher than original geologic strata Pressure.Connect sex to well note water(note a vapor) at these effect area, the mansion closes to close togetherly note water(note a vapor) well and leak Press to carry on again to press a well homework.At well factory homework J:Small, liquid pillar when the pressure and geologic strata pressure is equilibrium water to press The influence that combines a liquid isn't big, will cause well bottom while enjoying a well liquid to flow opposite low joy, water will invade gradually or drive Press combine the liquid take to go into and press a well liquid is gradually invaded by water, the function breaks, therefore hold firmly construction progress, should possibly decrease Circularly wash well. (5)More to Ji's wax and of pressing and combining homework.take more care can not make the wax grave piled up to block tube pillar or passage, hair The pump should adopt to put to spray measure after pressing gradual ascension and push Fei to hand over a righteousness homework and put to spray Dan to be no bigger than to crush into quantity now, thus again and again several times can immediately expel to accumulateWax s another method is to use to dissolve wax material to place a liquid before doing, such as diesel 1.2m?, Dredge a wax to block up passage, carry on again to press a well homework. (6)Break to leak in the upper part set tube, when there being inside the well separating a machine can not circulate to press well can be squeezing well, strong lift The t-2 reports a tube, the solution seals to separate a machine, after sitting mouth of a well(or defend to spray a machine), again carry on circulation press well.The high pressure isn't When the ability is strong to lift, can open to take care of the circulating bore on the pillar or shoot bore in the middle of sealing the upper part of separating the machine tube pillar, again carry on circulation Press well. (7)Line up a liquid to decline to press a method.At Neng water well Bu homework, have the control ground the row liquid In dismantle to unload mouth of a well, carry on the construction in well. Three, very the rules press well Very the rules presses well method is overflow to flow, and spray not to have normal regulations to press a well method of the square of condition but adoption Method, such as;Empty tidy the liquid spray, fixing well bite to wait in vain the pressing of construction well o

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