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Annular BOP safety technical requirements

1, the blowout preventer installed at the site after site, should be carried out according to the standard of pressure test. [SY/T6426-2005]: installed in after the well, no more than 80% of the premise of compressive strength of casing under pressure in the test, the annular BOP closed drill stem test pressure rated working pressure of 70%.

2, in the well a drilling tool blowout, can first use of annular BOP control wellhead. But try not to make long time to seal the well.

Reasons: ① rubber heart premature damage; without locking device.

[SY/T6426-2005]: the annular BOP not long time shut in, non special circumstances do not allow to be used to seal wells.

3, to enter the target layer, each trip two times, trying to chop preventer again to check the well sealing effect. Such as the discovery of the rubber core failure or

Other problems, should be replaced immediately.

4, the BOP is well sealed state, can drill activity slow, but does not allow the rotating drill.

[SY/T6426-2005]: in the shut in casing pressure of not more than 14MPa, allowing to drill activities of not more than 0.2m/s speed, but are not allowed to rotate drilling or drilling tool joint

5, no ajar annular BOP to drawdown pressure

6, each time after the open, must check the rubber core is wide open, to prevent the hanging bad rubber core.

7, BOP, should use the hydraulic oil standard, and pay attention to keep them clean.

8, to recommend the blowout preventer control of maximum pressure 10.5Mpa.

9, use the ring to play notes when drilling blowout preventer:

The first 10.5Mpa hydraulic pressure closed bop.

The closed pressure decreases, until some slight leakage, then forced tripping. A small leakage can contact surface lubrication column and prevent high rubber core, rubber core temperature. When the rubber core leakage is too large, may be appropriate to increase the hydraulic oil pressure.

Attention should be butt welded drill pipe with 18 ° /35 ° shoulder in forced snubbing tool, but the speed to slow, through the joint to be slower (less than 0.2m/s)

If forced to play under the drill is not allowed leakage between the rubber core and drill pipe, the hydraulic oil should be transferred to just meet the sealing.

④ when the pressure reaches 10.5Mpa, the rubber core is still severe leakage, indicating that the blowout preventer rubber core have been severely damaged, should be timely treatment and then to seal the well drilling operation.

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