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49 1/2” 500psi Diverter



>>The main functions of the diverter:

Diverter system is a key component of ofishore drilling mostly,and it always services the surface layer drilling before BOP.The diverter assembly is the uppermost component of the riser system.It is not used to shut or seal the well completely,but to either direct the returning drill fluid or control the biowout and surface layer gas.When encountering the gas,the diverter can close off around drillpipe or casing,and open the special direction vent line on board at the same time.With the platform manifold,the gas will be guided and choked at special point.

Diverter system must be equipped with hydraulic control system to use.With the different size of packers,it is able to seal various shapes and sizes of drilling tools including Kelly,drillpipes,tool joints,drill collar,etc.


>>49 1/2" 500psi Diverter

Used on the majority of floating rigs

Seal diameter:5”-28(29.5)”

Switch on or off quickly

Housing accommodates large diameter riser buoyancy modules

High capacity systems available for supporting the Riser String form Diverter Housing in emergency hang-ogg situations

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